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Senior co-editor-in-chief Madelynn Niles has been a part of the MacJournalism family since her freshman year, this year being her third on The Shield staff. She fell in love with storytelling in the third grade, writing school plays featuring both Snow White and Pokémon, and has since grown to photograph and write about some of her favorite McCallum magic. Aside from journalism, music plays a huge role in Madelynn’s life. As woodwind captain and Mac Band president, she is sure to be found, if not in room 134 with the beautiful Shield Staff, in the band hall. She hopes to continue telling stories for a long time, and is so incredibly grateful for the amazing MacJ team and wonderful Mr. Winter!

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13 ACROSS: OCT. 25--Balloons and streamers adorn the campus as the tickled pink _________ program kicks off Macs pep-filled Pink Week by decorating the school.

Just say the word.

December 31, 2020
STRINGS ATTACHED: At the Micro-Moon Festival held last November, junior Will Dooley takes center stage as he performs on his electric guitar. As a part of the musical duo Phonie, Dooley not only plays his guitar, but also records music, produces it, and more — experiencing the full process of creating a song, from the very early stages all the way to the releasement. “Music is a really accessible art form,” he said. “It’s just something I can sit down and do and can connect with.” Photo by Risa Darlington-Horta.

Music to Mac’s ears

February 20, 2020
The image is an overhead shot of junior designer Veronica Crist’s 
sketchbook for her line for tonights benefit fashion show. 
“I’ve been interested in fashion forever,” she stated. “I was the kid in elementary school who started all the trends, she said. 
“In sixth grade, my dad finally bought me a sewing machine and sent me to classes where I spent one week learning the basics of making clothes.” Graphic by Madelynn Niles.

Passion for fashion

February 15, 2020
RAPID RACERS: Sophomores Bridget Cole and Anna Schlett complete a quick race before class begins. “I just love the competitive nature of (the app),” Cole said. “It’s also super  fun to add your friends and keep track of eachother’s scores.”

Mario strikes at MAC

October 29, 2019
As her fellow flute players Taelisen Hutson and Claire De Silva-Yost look ahead with intent focus, Crist giggles up a storm out on the field during the marching show. She told us that in this moment, the cheerleading team was yelling especially loud for her and making funny faces from the sideline, making it impossible for her to keep a straight face. Hutson stated that she really enjoys having Crist as a part of her section in band. “Having (Crist) on the field makes each performance so much better because her energy boosts everyone else’s,” Hutson said. “It must be hard trying to balance both band and cheer, but cheering her on is one of the best parts about football games.”

Pom poms and pep tunes

October 1, 2019
A LEG UP: Smiling brightly, Amelia Paul, Sydney Buford, and Ella Irwin perform their junior dance — a recreation of the pep rally performance to “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga. Each grade level was featured in their own showcase dance, alongside mass group dances and senior solos. “Working in a small group let us show off our skills in a fun way,” Buford said. Photo by Madelynn Niles.


April 16, 2019
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