Just say the word.

Cross the first semester off the list and test your Mac knowledge by completing this word puzzle.


Rebekah Martinez

13 ACROSS: OCT. 25–Balloons and streamers adorn the campus as the tickled pink _________ program kicks off Mac’s pep-filled Pink Week by decorating the school.

Madelynn Niles, co-news editor, co-copy editor

2 DOWN: OCT 1 — Several weeks later, the varsity ________ team jumps into its fall season with a match against Crockett, serving as a start for several fall seasons at Mac.

Chromebooks flicker on and schedules are marked into planners. The fall semester begins.  

Test your knowledge by completing this puzzle. It’s an online version so you can type your answers directly on the puzzle. To make the puzzle larger, click on the “FULL SCREEN” (third) button.  To check your answers, click on the “SOLUTION” (fourth) button.

BONUS PUZZLE: Write down these letters: 3 ACROSS (fourth letter), 13 ACROSS (last letter), 4 DOWN (third letter), 6 DOWN (third letter), 8 DOWN first letter.

Then rearrange them to arrive at the answer to this riddle: You see one Knight jump over another Knight. What are you watching?

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