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Standardized admissions tests reward those who can afford the resources to maximize their scores, which makes the tests inherently inequitable.
SAT, ACT offer unfair advantages to privileged students
Grace Nugent, co-editor in chief • January 10, 2022

The standardized test system is classist. Now, I will admit that I’m about to go onto my soapbox about a system that I have played into. My parents had the resources to...

CROWDSOURCING: Arwen Frederiksen (far left) walks down the hallway before school starts to re-familiarize themselves with the campus. “[The hallways] were definitely busier than I expected,” Frederiksen said. After almost a year and a half of virtual learning, Frederiksen expresses how they are simply happy to be around other people once again. “I haven’t seen a bunch of my just school friends in forever,” Frederiksen said. “It was great.” Reporting by Alysa Spiro.
You got a minute?
December 24, 2021
Charlotte Stevens gets ready for her turn in the pole vault last year at the district meet in Lockhart.
Stevens won the event comfortably with a mark of 10 feet.
Knights prepare for track season with excitement, possibility
Thomas Melina Raab, sports editor • January 23, 2022

Spring is almost upon us once again. And with that, comes the sweet sound of metal spikes pounding along on the rubber straight away. Outdoor track season is fast approaching,...

The Nabhan sisters. senior Sydney and junior. Rachel pose while on a hike in Colorado wih the rest of their 
family. Both sisters cite activities off the court as their best bonding-experiences.
Serving up sisterhood
January 9, 2022
Herbsaint Sazerac, Zeffirelli, and Arthur Howitzer Jr. (left to right), stand in front of the French Dispatch building.
'French Dispatch' delivers on all fronts
Thomas Melina Raab and Oliver Boyd January 13, 2022

The French Dispatch, written and directed by Wes Anderson, is a film about a small American newspaper set in a French city. Anderson, just as he has done with many of his...

The best books of 2021
The best books of 2021
December 16, 2021
My chosen perfect cookie
That's one smart cookie
December 13, 2021
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Social studies teacher Vaughn Stockton shows his spirit for his new school.
New social studies teacher finds home at Mac
Elena Ulack, staff reporter • January 22, 2022

New hire social studies teacher Vaughn Stockton has started his teaching career in the midst of a pandemic.  “I imagine that if I started two years ago, this would...

Fish No. 68: Party
Fish No. 68: "Party"
Kai Kirkham Macias, staff cartoonist • January 21, 2022

Remember when both Stephen and Francine ran Ness's student body election campaign and lost to Evan Bookout? Well, the outcome of their party is like that but worse. And...

Fish No. 67: Sarcasm
Fish No. 67: "Sarcasm"
January 14, 2022
Fish No. 66: Relaxed
Fish No. 66: "Relaxed"
January 8, 2022
A scenic hike around McCallum
A scenic hike around McCallum
Caroline Owen and Lucy Marco January 26, 2022

Nov. 18, 2021 Although McCallum’s relative lack of renovations since it first opened for business in 1953 does mean the building has infrastructural issues, it also...

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Students gathered in the library on Nov. 5 for Excalibur's Coffeehouse, a tradition where students perform original songs, poems and other creative work. The event was sold out. Coffeehouse didn't happen last year during the pandemic, so the organizers started this year with no prior experience on the events team. According to co-special events coordinator Keely McNab, the lack of experience may have been a good thing. "I think we've been a lot more open with auditions and everything, because in the past it's usually just been poetry or, like, singing a song," McNab said, "We kind of opened it up to more [and made the event] a little bit different. We have rhythmic poetry this year, we have an improv pianist. So that's been a little new." Video by Samantha Powers, Alice Scott and Caroline Owen.

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