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Sophomore Chim Becker and retiring math teacher Paul Pew pose in front of the library mural Becker created in Pew’s honor.
To honor retiring Pew, Becker creates mural about Euler’s Identity
Katie Martin, Mac photojournalism • July 2, 2024
Megalodon jaw at the American Museum of Natural History. Accessed on via Wikipedia commons and reposted here under fair use rights.
Teeth to tail
May 27, 2024
According to the National Institute of Health, the human brain is not fully developed until the late 20s; therefore, the younger the age the more social media will have lasting effects on the brain. The teen brain is already more vulnerable to mental illness and factors such as social media can only increase the possibility.
Just for the health of it
Shield editorial board July 14, 2024

In today’s digital age, social media and early access to phones are damaging young adults’ social, mental and physical health causing a spike in mental illness. Because...

Buying multiple Stanley water bottles defeats the environmental purpose of buying a water bottle in the first place.
Cost of consumption
June 28, 2024
For Gleason, shown here lifeguarding at Shipe Pool. lifeguarding has been a good way to earn competitive pay, help others and develop leadership skills. Photo courtesy of Gleason.
Dive into purpose
August Gleason, staff reporter • July 12, 2024

The city of Austin offers free training and outstanding pay for new employees. Starting at $20.80 an hour this is one of the highest-paying temp jobs that even 15-year-olds...

All or nothing
All or nothing
July 7, 2024
Josh Hinsdale poses with his roommate and fellow stylish hat enthusiast, Willie Nelson.
On the phone again
Carlo Hinsdale, Mac photojournalism • July 11, 2024

In the Houston suburbs, in a small apartment complex, where a small group of friends lived, lived a big fraud. When phone lines rang and rang forever, where most days, nobody...

Class of 2024 graduate Jude Masoni links pinkies with his fellow Ms during as the graduates sing the class song at the end of the commencement ceremony on May 30.
The pursuit of Liberty
Shila Gill, staff reporter • July 10, 2024

Jude Masoni will attend Liberty University in Virginia in the fall. Liberty boasts one of the largest faith-based collegiate aviation programs in North America. Masoni plans...

This is Paul Pews high school graduation photo. The 2023-2024 school year marked his 34th year of teaching. He began his career in Washington, then came to McCallum where he has taught for the past 17. At heart though, he’s really a musician. One that grew up in many different places, including Chicago and California, who took interest in teaching from a young age. His high school choir experience, along with some international singing in college, persuaded him that teaching was his path. He knew he wanted to be able to help create works of art in the fine arts department as well, so he joined McCallum. He’s worked on many of the musicals over the years, even before Joshua Denning, the former theatre director of the fine arts program arrived. Before him was a different director: Tatum. 
“I was the music director for all the musicals,” Pew said. “[Mr. Tatum and I] worked very hard, and I just got to the point where I was satisfied with it.” Although he may not be as prominent of a member in the musical theatre community at McCallum anymore, he still plays piano. “I still do a lot of music down at the Music end of the building,” Pew said. Photo courtesy of Paul Pew.
The musician 
July 2, 2024
AIN’T NO SUNSHINE: Gliding through the air, junior Ellie Loudermilk (Fastrada) performs the number “Spread a Little Sunshine,”  in which her character’s true motives are revealed.

“​​That specific move is to show off all of Fastrata’s assets that allow her to manipulate the king and Pippin,” Loudermilk said.

In the song, Fastrada, stepmother to Pippin and wife to King Charles, facilitates events that will allow for her son, Lewis, to become next in line for the throne.

“Spread a little sunshine is a number where you get to truly see the mastermind at work,” Loudermilk said. “In the song, she convinces Pippin to kill his father so her darling son can become king. I like the number because I feel like I’m letting the audience into the secret, or rather to the master plan.”

For Loudermilk, this number is the pinnacle of Fastrada’s storyline and allows the audience to understand what makes her character tick.

“Fastrata is the calculated stepmother that uses her body to get what she wants, mostly from King Charles,” Loudermilk said. “The only people she cares about are her son Lewis and, above all, herself.”

Reporting by Alice Scott.
A new queen of ‘The Prom’
Chloe Seckar-Martinez, staff reporter • July 4, 2024

Senior Ellie Loudermilk never saw herself playing a lead role at ZACH Theatre, but when she saw that there was an audition for the part of Emma in the musical The Prom, she...

On June 15, thousands of spectators—including the three shown here—lined the streets of East Austin to join the Juneteenth celebration.

Another spectator in the crowd was McCallum sophomore, Brooklyn Carter who said she attends the parade almost every year.

“I like being around everyone,” Carter said. “I see a lot of people I know, and the parade is entertaining. To me, it’s just a day for everyone to come together and have fun.”

Though the parade can be crowded and a little hectic at times, Carter says she enjoys aspects like the colorful cars and the music heard throughout the parade.

“It’s a fun atmosphere to be in,” she said. “It’s really just good vibes all around.”

Caption by Lillian Gray.
Juneteenth parade brings community together
Lillian Gray, staff reporter • June 25, 2024

Thousands of spectators lined the streets on Saturday, June 15 for the Central Texas Juneteenth Parade. Juneteenth, also known as “Freedom Day” or “Emancipation Day,”...

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The classical guitar program held its annual Battle of the Bands on Thursday, Jan. 18. The event is the program’s largest fundraiser, with ticket sales funding guitar purchases, guest masterclass and scholarships for performances. The top two winners earned the chance to play at Hole in the Wall. This year’s winners were Red River Trucking Co., who came in first, followed by Henry Jewesson.
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