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How the letters students wrote to editors back in the day probably looked. Can you believe that they had to use paper? Gross. Credit to Dim Hou on Unsplash.
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Letters to the editor
Jessica Baum, Bert Kivell, Mack Patterson, and Amy Arredondo September 22, 2022

Machines make cents Dear Editor, There is one necessity that is missing from McCallum that is important and useful…A CHANGE MACHINE! Everyday I happen upon my peers...

Los fundadores del Escudo Español desde la izquierda a la derecha: Sr Daniel Fuentes, Mateo Rodriguez, Carlos Aldrete, Tallulah Wilson, Maggie Coulbourn, Liliana Rodriguez, Esme Moreno, Ana Mejia
El escudo español
September 16, 2022
Before simply changing your profile picture to the Ukrainian flag ask yourself- why am I doing this?
6,042 miles.
May 4, 2022
GETTING IN THE SPIRIT: On Saturday, Aug. 20, the cheer team gathered at the Domain Northside for a cheer-off against the Anderson cheer squad. Freshman Vivian Medina thought the cheer-off helped prepare her for cheering at the Taco Shack football game. “The cheer-off help me feel out what it would be like to cheer in front of a crowd,” she said. “It helped me overcome some of my nerves and got me excited [for] the game.”

Despite narrowly losing the Domain cheer-off and the football game, Medina felt that this year’s Taco Shack was still a positive learning experience for the cheer team. “I was a little disappointed but I know there’s always next year. We know now what we can work on and what we can improve.” 
New kids on the pyramid
Francie Wilhelm, co-news, co-online managing editor • September 26, 2022

Under the bright stadium lights of the 2022 Taco Shack Bowl, the cheer team revved up the fans for the first football game of the school year. But Taco Shack wasn’t just...

Lexi Rosenblatt surveys the Jaguar side of the court during the third set of the varsitys sweep of LBJ on Sept. 2.
Rosenblatt rises above
September 14, 2022
Tucked away in a non-descript shopping center on North Lamar just south of Justin Lane, Tous les Jours is a hidden gem, a bakery with a warm environment and menu items pleasing to both the eye and the palate.
Tous les Jours offers something for everyone
Elyza Bradsby, Mac photojournalism • August 8, 2022

Since I am always a fan of trying new things, especially bakeries, I decided to try out Tous les Jours, a French-Asian bakery located at 6808 N Lamar Blvd B-115. The bakery’s...

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Senior Reva Gill has been working year round for the City of Austin for four years. She started working as a lifeguard at neighborhood pools, but soon moved up the ranks and now works as a manager and at Barton Springs. Gill has had to cut back significantly on her hours over the school year so she has time to prioritize college applications, school work, and swim team.
For four Knights, lifeguarding a year-round calling
Kate Boyle, co-news, co-print managing editor • September 21, 2022

Lifeguarding is often associated with the sound of bare feet hitting the wet pavement, the smell of sunscreen and the sight of families and young kids trying to cool down...

Knight adviser Frank Webster discusses with Shield co-editor-in-chief Evie Barnard while covering the Taco Shack pep rally. Only two weeks into school and Webster has already jumped into helping with coverage coordination.
Back to the beginning
August 31, 2022
Bloggs never expected something as graceful as the ballet to hold his interest. Photo original posted to Unsplash. Reposted here under an Unsplash license.
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Joe Bloggs goes to the ballet
Joe Bloggs, Shield staff • September 29, 2022

From reading the headline, I know what you’re thinking: “Great…here goes Joe on another rampage making fun of everything that doesn’t appeal to him.” Perish the...

Keke Palmer (Emerald Haywood), Daniel Kaluuya (OJ Haywood), and Steven Yeun (Jupe Park) star in Jordan Peeles new sci-fi thriller, Nope.
'Nope' gets a yes from me
September 9, 2022
ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES: Seniors Mira Wagner and Tyler Mankinen duke it out during the first moments of the final round at the Cap City Marching Competition. The 2022 marching show “Seeing Stars” gets its name from its boxing theme, and according to Wagner, who represents the woodwinds section, the early fight scene “definitely sets the tone.”

“Right off the bat you see two people fighting so you know that this show is full of energy,” Wagner said.”  “Even throughout the show the woodwinds and brass are ‘competing’ against each other which goes with the boxing theme.”

Mankinen, who represents the brass section, believes the fight scene is a crucial element in the marching show. 

“[The fight scene] usually gets the crowd pumped up and draws the attention of the audience into the show,” Mankinen said. “The show is super unique and seeing the crowd react to an unconventional element of a marching show is really exciting.” 

Caption and photo by Morgan Eye.
Band shines bright at Cap City
JoJo Barnard , Gaby Esquivel, Morgan Eye , Helen Martin, Devin Neal, Alice Scott, Ingrid Smith, Elena Ulack, and Francie Wilhelm September 27, 2022

The Mac band participated in the Capital City Marching Competition on Saturday performing its 2022 dynamic, boxing-themed show "Seeing Stars." The band played through intense...

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The Mac drumline continued its recent tradition today by kicking off the first faculty meeting of the school year with a five-minute-long performance that brought the faculty to its feet in appreciation.

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