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After graduating from McCallum in 2015, Elena Villalón studied at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. At age 21, she won the Grand Finals of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, one of the top opera competitions in the world.

Ella Villalón to star as Susanna in Austin Opera’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ in next chapter of eventful career

Samantha Powers and Theo Roe November 4, 2021

macshieldonline · Feedback Loop, Episode 5 -- Elena Villalon Elena Villalón realized early that she wanted to pursue her passion for singing as a career. A class of 2015 alumna, she sang in the McCallum...

Over their two pandemic albums, Baxter Low, the self-proclaimed “musician/occultist/aspiring artist,” has seen their sound improve and evolve into what they call “cosmic folk pop.”

A songwriter first, Baxter Low views their lyrics as a dialogue with the subconscious mind

Theo Roe, Alysa Spiro, and Evelyn Griffin September 5, 2021

macshieldonline · Feedback Loop, Episode 4 -- Baxter Low Baxter Lowrimore has always struggled with time. “Whether it's moving too fast or moving too slowly,” they said, “time and I have never...

Let’s talk disordered eating and rape culture

Samantha Powers, audio engineer June 15, 2021

In part 2 of the latest episode of Real Talk, junior Samantha Powers, freshman Alice Scott, sophomore Malia Walewski, sophomore Leah Gordon, junior Keely McNab, junior Kendall Smith, senior Erin Toliver,...

Internalized misogyny is everywhere, and it’s a big deal

Samantha Powers, audio engineer June 13, 2021

In the latest episode of Real Talk, junior Samantha Powers, freshman Alice Scott, sophomore Malia Walewski, sophomore Leah Gordon, junior Keely McNab, junior Kendall Smith, senior Erin Toliver, and host...

Expanding Black History Month activities have been a positive step, but those activities should be accessible to all Mac students and should take place throughout the year.

Celebrating Black history should be a year-round thing

Theo Roe and Bobby Currie April 21, 2021

 macshieldonline · Real Talk, Episode 2: The essential importance of Black History Month In the latest episode of Real Talk, sophomore Caytie Brown, freshman Serena Galloway-Mark, senior Zakiya Robertson,...

The panelists agreed that encouraging diverse perspectives in the classroom is essential but also that such exchanges need to happen organically to avoid tokenism and putting minority speakers uncomfortably on the spot. Mr. Myers said the pandemic has actually helped create safer spaces for this to happen by allowing more indirect ways to communicate in the online classroom.

Being actively anti-racist is sometimes uncomfortable

Theo Roe and Javier Vela January 22, 2021

macshieldonline · Real Talk Podcast: Episode 1, Part 2 In a continuation of episode one of Real Talk, host, Javier Vela, joined by Mac Student Leaders, Emily Arndt and Bobby Currie as well as English...

In the debut episode of MacJournalisms new podcast, Real Talk, host Javier Vela interviews Emily Arndt, Bobby Currie, and Mr. Meyers about student equity at McCallum and what the real differences are between AP and regs classrooms.

New podcast covers equity, the AP classroom and more

Theo Roe and Javier Vela November 16, 2020

 On the first episode of Real Talk, host Javier Vela is joined by Mac Student Leaders Emily Arndt and Bobby Currie (all members of the student equity panel that spoke to teachers in August), as well...

During his in-depth interview on the Feedback Loop, senior Jay Mathis discusses the influences that together helped him create a new sound for his first EP Vampire. Photo by Brooke Ellisor. Graphic by Theo Roe.

Mathias’ new sound all about experimenting, having fun

Evelyn Griffin, Theo Roe, and Alysa Spiro October 18, 2020

macshieldonline · Feedback Loop, episode 3 -- Jay Mathias Jay Mathias wants you to think his music is weird.  In this episode of the Feedback Loop podcast, hosts Alysa Spiro and Evelyn Griffin...

History teacher Greg Anderson and former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider smile for the camera at a VIP event during Snider’s solo show in Dallas. After Snider signed Anderson’s copies of the Twister Sister albums You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll and Stay Hungry, Anderson told Snider how much he admired him for his role fighting censorship in the Parents Music Resource Center U.S. Senate hearings. “He made a joke about how funny it would have been if Bob Denver had been at the hearings instead of John Denver,” Anderson said. “He asked if I wanted to make tough guy faces in the picture, and I asked him if we could smile instead. He was very nice and everyone was walking away very happy from the experience.” Anderson also told MacJournalism that he first became a fan of Twisted Sister after seeing the band’s appearance in the final chase scene in the 1985 movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and that he caught a guitar pick during Snider’s show.

Greg Anderson’s musical anthology includes Green Day, the Foo Fighters, Devo and the Ramones

Marley Angle, Anna McClellan, Grace Nugent, and Theo Roe October 7, 2020

macshieldonline · The S Word -- Episode 16 (Anderson talks heavy metal at the AP level) Part Two In the previous episode of the S-Word podcast, McCallum world history and geography teacher Greg Anderson...

Andersons Spotify metal playlist is 34 hours long, and his chart showing different metal genres and their relationship to each other looks like a constellation of stars.

Turns out you can judge a band by its album cover

Evelyn Griffin, Anna McClellan, Grace Nugent, and Theo Roe September 28, 2020

 macshieldonline · The S Word -- Episode 16 (Greg Anderson on Heavy Metal) Part One Thrash. Pirate. Sludge. Satanic. War. Viking. Doom. Death. Aside from sounding mildly menacing, these words...

Senior Marlee Foster, AKA Merlin, released Black Boy, White House, a new single, to streaming platforms on Aug 14. Merlins smooth vocals, lyrics, and melody in Black Boy White House illustrate some of their experiences as a young person of color. This song is their third release, following Boys Club and Red Eyes, Pt. 2. Photo by Risa Darlington-Horta. Graphic by Theo Roe.

Merlin pairs powerful lyrics with upbeat, laid-back style

Theo Roe, Evelyn Griffin, and Alysa Spiro August 28, 2020

macshieldonline · Feedback Loop, Episode 2 -- Merlin In this year’s first episode of Feedback Loop, hosts Alysa Spiro and Evelyn Griffin talk with Mac musician Merlin (senior Marlee Foster) about...

Interim principal Nicole Griffith wasnt the only new voice in our first podcast of the year. The audio engineer and the hosts were also new. The episode allows listeners to travel from Texas to Chicago, to Australia, to Paris and back to Austin without leaving their homes. Graphic by Theo Roe.

Griffith: Authentic tasks create best student experience

Theo Roe, Alysa Spiro, and Elisha Scott August 23, 2020

macshieldonline · The S Word, Episode 15 -- Interview with New Principal Griffith The S Word podcast is back in session with its first episode of the 2020-2021 year: a conversation with new interim...

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