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Evie Barnard

Evie Barnard, co-editor-in-chief

This is senior Evie Barnard’s third year on the Shield’s staff, and as a result, she has been able to rise to the position of being one of the two chief editors on the newspaper, giving her oversight over nearly every aspect of its production. She’s coming off of a productive Summer, where she balanced multiple jobs and journalistic duties. She only held onto a gig at a roller skating rink, opening up her schedule for more academic activities. Her favorite book is Jon Krakower’s Into Thin Air, where a journalist recounts the terrors he and his friends underwent on a trek up Mount Everest.

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Austins Net Zero plan seeks to create renewable energy solutions and eliminate carbon emissions through new infrastructure, but in reality these policies push for more urbanization and grant developers tax breaks.

Hidden in plain sight

Evie Barnard, co-editor-in-chief
February 19, 2023
Najai Mckenzie Robinson of Crockett High School falls to her knees on the steps of the Capitol, screaming Dont shoot to protest school shootings and discontent with gun-control legislation. Photo by Madison Olsen.

Fighting for our future

Evie Barnard, co-editor in chief
December 17, 2022
Electronic cigarettes, E-cigarettes or vapes have become increasingly popular over the past decade with a rise seen especially in adolescents. While there are many reasons that could be attributed to this trend, one specific reason is the way these products are advertised — often with target audiences being minors.

[Photo] Nicotine advertising targets teens

Alice Scott, co-editor-in-chief
December 12, 2022
Richter and Uehara are among the many teachers working second jobs in order to make ends meet in a city where the cost of living is always increasing and in a career that in notorious for having low pay.

[Photo] Overworked from overtime

Alice Scott, co-editor in chief
December 5, 2022
Texas Senate Bill 797 requires places of education to display the national motto “In God We Trust” on a poster or in a picture frame in every building on every campus in the state.

[Photo] Posters or propaganda?

Noah Braun, staff reporter
October 15, 2022
The Clubhouse (left) hosts a night of live music and an impromptu viewing party  of President-elect Joe Bidens acceptance speech on Nov 7.

A clubhouse without walls

Evie Barnard, staff reporter
December 17, 2020
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Evie Barnard