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Sophie Leung-Lieu

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design and visuals editor

Sophie Leung-Lieu is a senior and second-year design editor of the Shield. Throughout her four years on MacJ, she is excited to spend her senior year bringing new aspects of design to the print newspaper. Outside of journalism, Leung-Lieu is also captain of Blue Brigade and vice president of Key Club. Her hobbies also include watching TV shows and trying new beverages.

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Buying multiple Stanley water bottles defeats the environmental purpose of buying a water bottle in the first place.

[Photo] Cost of consumption

Lillian Gray, staff reporter
June 28, 2024
Our critic asked three questions as she reviewed each pizza: Was it delicious? Was it authentic? Was it affordable?

[Photo] A quest for the best

Lillian Gray, staff reporter
March 16, 2024
A trophy dedicated more to itself than to the artist.

[Photo] Awards shows: so what?

Noah Braun, staff reporter
February 25, 2024
The history of Valentines Day is relatively bleak, which contrasts highly with the modern meaning of the holiday. On top of that, the supposed meaning of the day, which is love, does not correlate with the consumer-based reality of day.

[Photo] Valentine’s Day sucks

Emerson Merritt, staff reporter
February 13, 2024
Therapy has always had a large stigma around it, which makes it harder for people to accept they need help. But therapy shouldnt be viewed as a bad thing, it should be viewed as a blessing. Not all people are in a place where they can receive help mental- health wise.

[Photo] No taboo for therapy

Gaby Esquivel, staff reporter
February 8, 2024
Disney+ color graphic

[Photo] D-minus for Disney+

Gaby Esquivel, staff reporter
November 30, 2023
Pumpkin spice is the perfect fall flavor, and we see that heavily in Starbuckss fall drink menu.

[Photo] Falling for fall

Sofia Saucedo, staff reporter
November 1, 2023
It seemed impossible that the day that began with Starbucks and shopping had ended with wildfires and watery eyes. I was sad that my 17th birthday had quite literally gone up in flames, but more than anything I was glad that my loved ones were OK.

[Photo] A hall of flame 17th birthday

Ingrid Smith, co-editor-in-chief
October 22, 2023
Julia Wallace

Julia Wallace

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design & visuals editor
May 1, 2023
A breakdown of Nagys stats from his freshman and sophomore seasons.

[Photo] From T-ball to team leader

Lanie Sepehri, co-print managing editor & co-people editor
March 29, 2023
TEA rules limit students to only two excused absences for college visits, adding more stress to the college application process as students attempt to cram tours into a jam-packed 48 hours.

[Photo] What can be done by two days?

Kate Boyle, co-print managing editor & co-news editor
March 9, 2023
Texas has no requirements regarding environmental or Earth science education, but as the effects of climate change continue to worsen and the consequences fall on the shoulders of the younger generation, its crucial that teenagers learn how to care for the planet.

[Photo] Enact environmental education

Gaby Esquivel, staff reporter
February 10, 2023
climate change graphic

[Photo] Climate change impacts Texas

Francie Wilhelm, co-news editor & co-online managing editor
January 23, 2023
The Western zodiac with common traits associated with each star sign. While many assume that astrology restricts people to arbitrary stereotypes based on birthday, zodiac signs, star charts and horoscopes can help fans develop an identity that feels personal to them and understand their personalities in a more in-depth way. Traits and sign information from the New York Post.

[Photo] Worse than a Mercury retrograde

Francie Wilhelm, co-news editor & co-online managing editor
January 19, 2023
Karen and Paul McGarity pose at the Bullseye Bakery booth at the Good Neighbors Fest on Sept. 24, 2022.

Sweet treats that hit the spot

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design & visuals editor
January 9, 2023
For many high school athletes moving up to the collegiate level, making an Instagram post to announce where they will be playing is tradition.

[Photo] Committed to committing

Caroline Owen, co-sports editor, co-people editor, co-photo editor
December 8, 2022
Members of the Hershey production crew, intern Tuana Allen and man-of-the-moment Bob Bedard watch the sequence filmed during eighth period on Thursday. The clip shows Bedard standing still in the main hallway as the traffic rushes behind him as if they are apparitions.

Bob to hit the big screen

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design & visuals editor
November 20, 2022
Drum majors junior Sofia Hamlet and sophomore Bea Saffer help lead the marching band during warm-ups before the Connally game on Sept. 8.

Conducting with confidence

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design and visuals editor
October 19, 2022
Harry Styles wears a burnt orange outfit, the school color of The University of Texas, on the first night of his residency in Austin.

[Photo] Harry Styles is ‘Golden’ during Austin residency

Ingrid Smith, co-news editor and co-online managing editor
October 17, 2022
Counselor secretary Kerren Campa poses at her desk. Previously, Campa worked in the Lamar Middle School office and transferred her skills up to the high school level this year.

Kerren Campa

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design and visuals editor
September 2, 2022
Social studies teacher Catherine ONeal reads over her introductory slideshow on Back to School Knight.

Catherine O’Neal

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design and visuals editor
September 2, 2022
Genesis Ritcherson performs at the McCallum vs. Navarro halftime show with colorguard flags while in her cheerleading uniform. After gaining colorguard experience as a freshman at Anderson, Ritcherson decided to stick with it even after transferring to McCallum and joining the cheer squad. “I have to start preparing the night before and to make sure I have everything I need for the whole day.” Ritcherson said. “Sometimes, I have to bring three pairs of shoes for cheer, color guard and regular school.

Genesis Ritcherson

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design & visuals editor
August 5, 2022
Senior Ximena de la Garza performs with the color guard in their athletic trainer uniform at the McCallum vs. Crockett halftime show. Moving from the sidelines to the field during halftime usually isnt too much of a challenge thanks to de la Garzas effective time and stress management skills. “Stressing is the last thing you want to do with multiple activities,” de la Garza said. “It throws everything out of balance, and it’s so important to handle.

Ximena de la Garza

Sophie Leung-Lieu, design & visuals editor
August 5, 2022
President Bidens policies have been more of a continuation of existing policies than a  departure. His State of the Union address comments about policing are the clearest indication yet that he wont fight for the agenda of the progressives who voted for him.

[Photo] The lighter of two evils

Alysa Bijl-Spiro, co-editor in chief
March 27, 2022
Available on Naviance, admissions Scattergrams offer McCallum students a resource to compare their GPA and standardized test scores with those of other students previously accepted or denied to universities—red Xs indicating denials, and green check marks, acceptances. The Scattergrams are coupled with a scale indicating where ones GPA falls among the national average for each school, providing another basis for admissions comparison. Depending on the school its either very disheartening or a confidence boost, senior Braeden Roeder said. Its an added layer of stress for sure.

It’s not all about that GPA

Sophie Leung-Lieu, staff reporter
March 23, 2022
A Texas A&M Aggie and the top U.S qualifier at the World Archery Field Championships, Nick Kalakanis has taken over for Jim DeLine as head coach of McCallum Archery.  The hire allows  DeLine to focus his effort on coaching younger archers at Lamar, Brentwood and Highland Park. Mac archers say they appreciate Kalakanis for his expertise and his approach to coaching.

Kalakanis sees eye to bulls-eye

Sophie Leung-Lieu, staff reporter
February 22, 2022
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