Consider advertising in The Shield

Whether you choose to advertise online or in print, you can promote your business and support the community

Sophie Leung-Lieu and Dave Winter

Advertising in The Shield—in our print edition or on this website—gives you a chance to give your business wide exposure while at the same time showing to your customers that you support McCallum High School and the community we serve with our publications.

Analytics reveal that advertising in The Shield Online makes a big splash. Our most recent website ad (a sidebar and in-story ad) received a total of 139,621 views and 105 clicks.

Advertising in The Shield is affordable. It’s effective. It’s altruistic. And it’s a good investment.

Please consider advertising in the Shield now and during the 2023-2024 school year.

If you are interested in advertising in The Shield or The Shield Online, please contact adviser David Winter.

Print ad prices per issue

Business card ad — $25
1/4 page ad $80
Half-page ad $135
Full-page ad $275
Dates of issues: October, November, December, February, March/April, May


Camera-ready ad 10 percent off
3 consecutive issues 10 percent off
5 consecutive issues 15 percent off
all issues 20 percent off

Web Ad prices

Header ad $75 (displays at top of site)
In-story ad $70 (displays in multiple stories)
Footer ad $30 (displays at bottom)
Sidebar ad $70 (displays on right side)
Photo gallery ad $50
All website ads appear for a 45-day period


3 45-day periods purchased 10 percent off
5 45-day periods purchased 15 percent off