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Alysa Spiro
Junior Alysa Spiro is a second-year member of the Shield staff. Because she is quite opinionated (to put it lightly) and enjoys the arts, opinions editor and co-A&E editor are a perfect fit. Alysa gets here endorphins from bubble tea, stop-motion films and bullet journaling. Alysa’s goal as a writer is to make you laugh then question your own existence. As of now, Alysa’s thinks she’d like to study English in college and maybe work as a speechwriter in the future. She’d like to thank Sam Seaborn for being the person she looks up to most in life (sorry mom) and Dave Winter for being the best advisor she could ever ask for.

Alysa Spiro, a&e and opinion editor

Jan 09, 2021
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Alysa Spiro