MacJ wins big in NSPA ‘Clips & Clicks’

Digital media, yearbook and newspaper staff members recognized in 10 of the 18 contest categories

Alice Scott

McCallum earned first place with a total of 112 points, nearly double the second-place score, in the National Scholastic Press Association ‘Clips and Clicks’ fall competition, for works in broadcast, design, writing, and photography.

Last year, MacJ garnered 111 points in ‘Clips and Clicks’ after the spring and fall competitions. This year, MacJ has already surpassed that with only points from the fall winners. In the upcoming spring 2022 competition, MacJ will need to maintain the highest number of points in order to win the Clips & Clicks Sweepstakes.

Shield online co-editor-in-chief Alice Scott placed second in the broadcast news story category for her video “Supporting trans teens: video reporting from a national summer workshop.” Scott also received an honorable mention in the opinion category for “Beautiful blue eyes.

Shield copy editor Evelyn Griffin placed first in the newspaper page/spread category for “Pick me girl persists.

Shield online co-editor-in-chief Lucy Marco placed first in the informational graphic category for “A Sharp Soundtrack.

Shield editor-in-chief Alysa Spiro and Shield staff reporter Amaya Collier placed third in the news story category for “Critical race theory bill spurs discussion, criticism.” Spiro also placed first in the editorial category for “It’s High time to respect Jewish Holidays.”

Shield co-editors-in-chief Samantha Powers and Grace Nugent, and staff reporter Logan Davis placed third in the editorial category with “Safety measure crosses line between security, privacy.” Nugent also received an honorable mention in the sports story category for “Knights next-man-up to topple Trojans in Taco Shack Bowl, 14-13.”

Shield staff reporter Francie Wilhelm placed third in the sports story category for “Skating through struggles.” Wilhelm also received an honorable mention alongside Shield staff reporter Morgan Eye in the news story category for “Vandalism wave beleaguers custodians, erodes trust.”

In the opinion story category, Shield staff reporter Lanie Sepheri received an honorable mention for “It’s time to write off annotation.

Digital media junior Emma Hagood won fourth place in the news photo category for “Standing up, walking out.” This follows Hagood’s previous win in the ATPI photo contest for the same piece.

Shield staff reporter Sophie Kessler placed fourth in the feature photo category for “State of mind.”

In the news photo category, digital media student Lexi Ramos received an honorable mention for “Hundreds of students join walkout to support sexual assault victims.”

In the feature photo category, yearbook student Meredith Grotevant received an honorable mention for “Battle of the Bands.”

In the sports photo category, yearbook seniors editor Mia Gomez received an honorable mention for “Defense wins championships.”