Griffith: Authentic tasks create best student experience

What did new principal learn in Chicago, Australia and Paris that she will bring to Mac? Listen to our podcast to find out.


Theo Roe

Interim principal Nicole Griffith wasn’t the only new voice in our first podcast of the year. The audio engineer and the hosts were also new. The episode allows listeners to travel from Texas to Chicago, to Australia, to Paris and back to Austin without leaving their homes. Graphic by Theo Roe.

Theo Roe, Alysa Spiro, and Elisha Scott

The S Word podcast is back in session with its first episode of the 2020-2021 year: a conversation with new interim principal Nicole Griffith. In an exclusive interview with The Shield, Griffith talks about her Texan childhood, her time in the Australian Outback, the benefits of project-based learning and her first impressions of the Mac community culture. Photo courtesy of Nicole Griffith.