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Social studies department chair Katie Taylor sets up shop in an outdoor classroom featuring perhaps the most impressive canopy available to any of the outdoor spaces on the Mac campus, a massive tree near the solar classroom on Sunshine Drive.

Presenting #aweekinthelifeatmac

Macjournalism photo team
November 24, 2020
EXPLORING AROUND: Me, my sister, an my dog have become a trio since quarantine started. We have been exploring all around the neighborhood, including the drainage tunnels. Photo by Ella Rosenblatt.

Pandemic brings people closer to their pets

Olivia Allen, Thea Cahoon, Sophia Dawson, Olive Embry, Anna Nagle, Charlie Partheymuller, Lauren Potts, Lydia Reedy, Liliana Rodriguez, Ella Rosenblatt, Amelie Ruggero, Jonah Scott, Angus Sewell McCann, Regan Sims, Camille Wilson, and Annabel Winter
September 1, 2020
While many Austinites fiddle their days away stuck at home, a sizable group of less fortunate souls must continue their struggle for survival on the streets. The irony in this picture speaks to me as the man on the right leans against a sign asking people to stay home and slow the spread, with all his worldly belongings in the suitcase to his left. The homeless population has felt the toll of this virus as much as, or more than any of us. Photo by Caleb Melville.

Austin streets silenced by COVID-19

Caleb Melville, staff photographer
May 22, 2020
NOTE-ABLE ENDEAVORS: My dad has a series of sticky notes covering one wall, a few windows, and the center table. There are many different moving parts to running a business and the simplest way to keep track of all these different factors is to write them down on sticky notes and put them in easy places to remind him. Systems like this are used frequently to improve work efficiency throughout many different industries but they are usually digitized; I have never seen anybody use actual sticky notes other than him. I don’t see how it is any better than just putting them into some form of “reminders” app but it seems to increase his productivity so I trust his process. Photo by Angus Sewell McCann.

Home, (office) suite, home

Thea Cahoon, Scarlet Craig, Carter Eason, Olive Embry, Megan McHorse, Georgie Murray, Addison Phillips, Angus Sewell McCann, and Dave Winter
May 14, 2020
WORK IN PROGRESS: After hanging the Grand Hotel sign, the crew works on assembling the 12 columns that weave throughout the stage. Photo and caption by Ella Rosenblatt.

Behind the front desk at the ‘Grand Hotel’

Lily Brode and Ella Rosenblatt
January 28, 2020
McCallum competes in Bands of America

McCallum competes in Bands of America

Kelsey Tasch and Bella Russo
September 25, 2017
Matthew Cain and Louis Handy of Bonehead performing

Excalibur’s Second Coffee House Photo Essay

Madison Olsen
April 19, 2017
Photo by Adrian Pena.

Knights ambush Trojans to reclaim Taco Shack trophy

Julie Robertson
August 31, 2016
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