After moving from Los Alamitos, CA, sophomore starting point guard finds perfect fit on varsity basketball team

Caroline Owen, co-sports editor

In an exclusive interview with The Shield, sophomore starting point guard Emy Chen details her experience joining the varsity girls basketball team at a new school.

The Shield: What was it like to walk into a group of upperclassmen as an underclassman trying to fit in with the team?

Emy Chen: To be honest, it was really easy for me because everyone’s really welcoming. So it wasn’t a struggle trying to fit in or anything. They made it really easy, and I felt really welcomed right off the start.

TS: How has your experience joining the basketball team at a new school helped you become accustomed to a new state?

It was really helpful coming in [and] being on a team to begin with because I wasn’t just coming in brand new, I had people I knew and people I knew I could rely on. And because we are on a team, I know they always have my back.

TS: Do you think that the team has good chemistry in comparison to basketball teams that you’ve been on in the past?

That’s something I actually really really love about the McCallum basketball team. We have amazing chemistry. We all get along really well. Everyone’s really nice.

Southern charm is really a thing.

— sophomore Emy Chen

TS: What would you say was the highlight game of your season so far?

I think we played recently really well at Cedar Creek, and we also had pretty good performance to the Crockett tournament.

TS: How would you describe yourself as a player?

On the court, I try to be really aggressive and my goal is to help the team in any way possible. I want to get on the floor. I want to get rebounds. I want to be as much of a contribution to the team as I can by trying to do that in whatever way that is possible.

TS: Have you had any major moments that made you feel like you were really part of the team and you were really contributing in a big way?

I feel like it’s kind of hard to say because I feel like I was really welcomed from the start. There wasn’t any moment of like, “OK, so now I belong.” It was like, I came on from the start, and I really felt like I belonged even though I didn’t know anyone beforehand.

TS: What do you think were the main differences between California to Texas?

The people. I feel like, I didn’t know what this was actually about but, Southern charm is really a thing.

TS: How has Coach Kehn helped welcome you into the program?

I love her. Right before I moved, as soon as I knew I was going to McCallum, I emailed her. Right off of our first email, I felt really at ease and more comfortable with moving to McCallum. I feel like she really, really helped with the whole process, and I’m really grateful for her.

TS: What do you think your goals are for the future of the season, as a team and on your own?

I know as a team, I think we should be able to win district. That’s our goal this year. Personally, I like to do my best to make sure that I’m always having a good showing and having a good attitude. I just want to be a positive force on the team that’s helpful.