Warren makes Austin campaign appearance

Senator promises to deliver universal health care, free public university for all


Noah Lawrence

Following a warm welcome from a crowd of thousands of supporters, Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren discusses her early years before she entered politics. Photo by Noah Lawrence.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren made a campaign stop in Austin on Sept. 10 to speak to supporters at Vic Mathias Shores. In her speech, she shared the childhood origins, what she described as her tough but fair personality, her time as a special-needs teacher and her law school education. As she spoke, the crowd remained silent, listening intently.

Audience member Neil Young, who admitted he was only there because his girlfriend is a Warren supporter, said that Warren’s words sounded sincere and that he enjoyed her speech very much.

As the rally ramped up, however, the crowd raised campaign signs that on one side read, “Dream Big, Fight Hard,” Warren’s campaign slogan.

Warren’s catalog of campaign promises include ending corruption in Washington, universal childcare and free public university for all Americans. When asked about his opinions on Warren’s performance at the rally, supporter Leon Gonzales said that he believed she stayed true to her election campaign.

“It was great to see her in person rather than on TV,” Gonzales said. “Those televised debates can get quite hectic and unprofessional.”