High school journalism programs allow students to use their voice through art and academics. These student voices are the voices of our future politicians, writers, artists, and Samaritans. A common misconception is that all journalist showcase their voice through their writing, but that is not the case. Through graphics, video, podcasts, and photography, journalist are able to present information in artistic and visual ways. I strongly believe in the vitality of using many different forms of art and writing in order to showcase voices and information.

During my journey as a member of the McCallum Shield newspaper staff, I found that though I enjoyed writing, I felt as if not all of my bases were being covered. I have always had a strong interest in audio engineering and the cinematic arts. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe my two worlds of film and journalism would ever collide.

To my delight, the two artistic mediums blended productively, and my interest in multi-media journalism began to grow. I found that the interviews that took place on The S-Word (McCallum Shield’s first podcast) created an easy and transparent way for members of the McCallum High School community to learn the untold stories of all things McCallum.

Photography and videography offer an immersive visual representation of events. This visual and immersive form of reporting gives audiences the proof and the pudding of the event or topic at hand. The absence of visual reporting may lead to the reader’s bias or imagination writing the story for them. Immersing the audience into the event or topics shoes takes the story from being simply informative to even inspiring.

Through working with the production of The S-Word Podcast, the direction of videography, and photography, I have learned the importance of accompaniment and providing multiple forms of presenting stories and information. I hope to continue my studies and work in multi-media journalism and discover new and unique ways of reporting.

1. The S-Word Podcast: Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards

The S-Word Podcast, Episode 2

The S-Word, McCallum Shield’s first podcast, features interviews with members of the McCallum High School community to uncover the untold stories of the school. During this episode, members of the McCallum High School Theatre department discuss their recent nominations for the local musical theatre awards ceremony, in which their spring musical, 42nd Street, was nominated.  As a technical theatre participant, I was able to provide an inside perspective for interview questions as well as create a familiar environment for the interviewees during the recording of this episode. This allowed the participants to open up about topics with more depth and let their personalities shine through.  

2. Climate Change Rally at the Austin Capital

Youtube: Climate Change

At McCallum High School, willing students walked out of school to go to the Texas state capital and rally alongside climate activist speaking out about their discontent with climate regulations. The rally was completely student-organized and featured many volunteer public speakers leading the peaceful crowd.

3. The S-Word Podcast: Excalibur Literary Magazine Editor-in-Chief

The S-Word Podcast: Episode 7

In another episode of McCallum’s The S-Word Podcast, co-editor in chief of McCallums “Excalibur” literary magazine, Lilian Sease, discusses her personal journey as a member of the magazine, as an artist, and growing up through her teenage years. While the interview began to discuss Excalibur, the conversation quickly transformed into a riveting discussing regarding Sease’s beliefs in the benefits of teens using art and fashion as ways of coping and/or expressing themselves.

4. Benefit fashion show photo gallery

A Paradigm postscript in 400-plus photos

I took the lead in organizing our massive photography effort to cover our school’s benefit fashion show, one of the most anticipated and celebrated events on our campus each year. It wasn’t easy to compile all of the good pictures even with just basic identification captions, yet I was really proud that we did it because we heard back from the designers and the models that they appreciated being recognized for all of their hard work.

5. The S-Word Podcast: Retiring Principle talks past, present, and future

The S-Word Podcast: Episode 8

McCallum High School’s previous principal, Mike Garrison was featured on an episode of The S-Word to discuss his retirement. Principle Garrison was considered a vital piece in the puzzle that is McCallum, and the students were very heartbroken when he announced that he was leaving. This episode gave Garrison a chance to informally discuss his future plans, as well as regress on time as the principle.