Happy International Trans Day of Visibility

Now, more than ever in Texas, it’s essential that all of us stand up, speak out to defend rights of trans people


Dave Winter

On Wednesday during Pride Week at McCallum, Spectrum members sponsored a “Color Your Pronouns” activity, where all students could wear a button or color a name badge to help normalize declaring pronouns in support of trans students. According to Equality Texas, Republican lawmakers have filed 140 bills targeting LGBTQ+ Texans during the 88th legislative session. Among those measures is HB 1686, a proposed ban on transition-related care for trans Texans under 18. HB 1507, meanwhile, seeks to prohibit public school districts and charter schools from organizing or hosting programs “dedicated to celebrating or providing special instruction regarding a sexual preference.” The Pride Week observation that made the Color Your Pronouns activity possible would no longer be allowed if the bill passes.

Josie Bradsby, staff reporter

Happy International Trans Day of Visibility.

Trans people are not scary. They are not the other, they are not to blame for one individual’s actions.”

It’s a day that gives us one more reason to acknowledge that right now it’s of the utmost importance that we support trans people and trans youth and keep fighting for their rights.

Recently, HB 1686 has been proposed in Texas, and this bill if passed would severely limit access to health care and gender-affirming care for trans individuals.

There has always been a disproportionate amount of violence, hate and discrimination directed at trans people, but most recently the trend has been blame.

Trans people are not scary. They are not the other, they are not to blame for one individual’s actions.

Write to your representatives, protest, be vocal in your fight for trans people and their rights.

We all need to do better and help end harmful rhetoric around trans identities and issues.

Help protect trans people today, in our current political climate, and every day.