Celebrating our WRKxFMLY time together

We look back on the past five years of exploring working and family through photography


GAME NIGHT: Being stuck at home has definitely made our family push each other’s buttons more than usual, but we also have been able to make room for quality family time. Playing games always brings out the goofy side of the family, a side I love to see. Photo by Camille Wilson.

The current batch of MacJournalism students began the WRKxFMLY project, a national initiative coordinated by Working Assumptions. The project’s purpose: to explore how we all balance work and family in our lives.

McCallum photojournalists have been a part of the project since 2017, and the partnership has enabled students to create some of the most personal and meaningful work to come out of the class during that time.

To celebrate the occasion, we collected the award-winning work created by Mac photojournalism students over the past six years as an inspiration to the current crop of students and as a reminder to all of us that we all share the need to balance these two essential parts of our collective experience.


My mother is a Pediatric Surgeon at Dell Children’s Hospital here in Austin. The following photos are snapshots of everyday things she does in her job. Occasionally during a special work period called Call, where my mom, Dr. Garcia, will spend up to 48 hours at the hospital, she can find some time to get some shuteye. She can watch TV, sleep, shower, and exercise in the call room. ”The call room is super helpful to refocus my energy when I am on call. I can relax and watch Ellen, or take a power nap on the bed or sofa.” Photo by Gregory James. Excellence Award winner.


My mom was bucked by a horse and had a concussion. She couldn’t watch TV or listen to music or podcasts. In the picture, she is using my laptop to listen to white noise to keep her head from hurting. The whole experience was horrible, as you can tell from the expression on her face. (Cole Tilson)



BORED. BORED. BORED. I’ve heard the words “I’m bored” or ” I have nothing to do” more times than I can count from my little siblings. I do love them a lot but it is driving me crazy. After bothering everyone in the house and annoying them they lay down in the living room suffering from a bad case of boredom. Photo by Anna Garcia. (Anna Garcia)


PASTA AND PAPERWORK: Kevin Dietz works at his computer while his wife Rachel Dietz gets her dinner. Kevin’s work sometimes causes him to be late for dinner. Because of the limited space, Kevin has to set up his computers in the main living area, but the Dietz family has been able to make it work! Photo by Francesca Dietz.