Let’s taco ’bout a new lunch spot

Four hungry staffers review the best taco trucks and Tex-Mex bites within walking distance of McCallum


Caroline Owen

Shield staff reporter Isley Cameron reaches for a bite of her taco from Taqueria Torres, a taco truck located on the corner of Grover and Koenig.

To combat the daily dilemma of choosing the perfect lunch spot, we decided to scout two different taco trucks in close proximity to McCallum. We took the time to thoroughly evaluate each one to get a feel for what they had to offer. After a trek surrounding our school, we had completed our taste tests and broadened our palettes. Here are our detailed discoveries: 

1112 W. Koenig Lane: Taqeuria Torres

Taqueria Torres, a taco food truck located on the corner of Grover and Koenig behind the Valero gas station. (Caroline Owen)

To start off our journey, we headed to Taqueria Torres, a taco food truck located on the corner of Grover and Koenig behind the Valero gas station. Only a five-minute walk from McCallum, it’s a very convenient location to grab a bite. The customer service was exemplary: the people working were very helpful and the food came within five minutes of placing our order. The cost was super affordable, especially considering the quality of the food. We would definitely recommend supporting this business. 

The Taqueria Tacos breakfast taco (top), pastor taco (middle), fajita chicken (bottom) and vegetarian taco (right). (Caroline Owen)

Breakfast Taco (top): I ordered a breakfast taco that consisted of bacon, eggs, beans and cheese which were all wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. It came with two sauces on the side, a green and an orange. When I first bit into it, I immediately could taste the bacon and enjoyed how crisp it was. I was equally surprised with the delicious chocolate-y beans that the bacon was paired with. Although it was a bit messy, I still really enjoyed this taco. I recommend Taqueria Torres and will definitely eat here again. Review by Paige Whitworth.

Pastor Torres (middle): At the window of Taquerra Torres, I was recommended the Pastor Taco with pineapple, onion and cilantro. Although the pastor meat was juicy and flavorful, the taco was made even better by the diced pineapple seeping onto the rest of the ingredients. The salsa verde that came with the order was very spicy and almost tart. The orange sauce was even better. It was not spicy at all, but the zestiness made up for it and made the taco even better. Review by Caroline Owen.

Fajita Chicken (bottom): I also ordered the chicken fajita taco with a side of green spicy salsa from Taqueria Torres. The taco was absolutely delicious, made with chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and a homemade tortilla. Personally, I am not the biggest tomato fan, but it totally worked in this taco. The only thing I would change is the amount of
lettuce in it. There was an even lettuce to chicken ratio, which kind of took away from what was supposed to be the dominant flavor. The green salsa from Taqueria Torres was my favorite part. It took the taco to the next level, even though it left me in need of water. I would definitely dine here again. These tacos were so good and very conveniently located. Review by Isley Cameron.

Vegetarian Taco (right): My final order from Taqueria Torres was the vegetarian taco. The tacos consisted of re-fried beans, rice, shredded lettuce, avocado and diced tomatoes, all atop a homemade corn tortilla. The tomatoes and lettuce added a pop of freshness, while the creamy avocado added a textural element that tied all the fillings together. But what really brought it from a good taco to a great one was the tortilla. Unlike most corn tortillas this one was durable, but still managed to not be too tough. However, it wasn’t too soft, either, and the edges had a nice crispiness to them. Overall, I would highly recommend this taco. My only critique is that I would’ve preferred the tacos to be served on separate plates instead of just one. Review by JoJo Barnard.

5626 N. Lamar Blvd.: Dalia’s Tex Mex

Dalia’s Tex-Mex, on the corner of Stark Street and North Lamar Avenue. (Caroline Owen)

Next, we headed to Dalia’s Tex-Mex, on the corner of Stark Street and North Lamar Avenue, less than a 10-minute walking distance from McCallum. We were pleasantly surprised by how great the customer service was, and we received our food in a reasonable time. Everything was beautifully plated, and the food almost looked too pretty to eat. The workers also threw in a complimentary green salsa on the side to go along with avocados, cilantro, garlic, onions and green peppers. The combination created a tantalizing array of flavors. We enjoyed this cute little taco truck and plan to eat here in the future. 

Breakfast Taco
I ordered a breakfast taco that consisted of bacon, egg and cheese wrapped in a warm homemade corn tortilla. It came with sliced cucumber, sliced radish and a green sauce on the side. I enjoyed this taco, but it was a bit too filling for me. It had a lot of cheese, so if you're a cheese lover I highly recommend it; if you're lactose intolerant, maybe not so much. I also loved the seating at this food truck. It added to the experience, which was overall really great. Review by Paige Whitworth.
Pastor Taco
At Dalia’s Tex Mex, I ordered the Al Pastor. At first glance, I knew the taco would blow me away. The tortilla was overflowing with the red meat, which looked perfectly cooked and smelled heavily seasoned. Upon first bite, I knew my initial impression had been right. The taco was bursting with a tangy, rich flavor due to the lime that I squeezed over the top and made up for the fact that the cilantro, pineapple and tortilla sort of got lost in the shuffle. Review by Caroline Owen.
Chicken Fajita
I ordered exactly how it came on the menu: chicken, cheese, onion, cilantro and green, red and yellow peppers, all on a corn tortilla. Normally I strictly eat flour tortillas, but because they were made fresh daily I had to give the corn tortillas a try. It was warm, straight off the griddle, with melted cheese holding the whole taco together. The cilantro and onion created a unique taste and the peppers added texture to the meal, with the green salsa tying it all together. Served with a lime on the side to give an extra pop of flavor, this was a top tier taco. Review by Isley Cameron.
Vegetarian Taco
Within the tasty homemade corn tortilla, my second vegetarian taco held re-fried beans, potatoes, cheese, lettuce, cilantro and tomatoes. The taco’s plating was appealing to the eyes, with garnishes consisting of radishes, cucumbers and lime, whose tanginess added just the right pop of flavor to the taco. My favorite part, was the salsa verde that was served on the side. I was skeptical at first, considering I am not usually a fan of green salsa but was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of flavor and kick of spice. Review by JoJo Barnard.