THROWBACK THURSDAY: Junior kills rattler at cave

Somehow this story slithered in to the paper in 1960…no, seriously, we don’t know why we published this


A rattlesnake likely similar in appearance to the one killed by Robin Matthews six decades ago. Matthews’ justification for targeting a reptile simply minding its own business is to this day, unknown. Photo by Cy Lindberg accessed Unsplash. Reposted here under the Unsplash license,

unknown student, staff writer

Robin Matthews, McCallum junior, has the skin of a 3 1/2-foot rattlesnake as a souvenir of his spelunking exploits Saturday afternoon, March 19.

When he found and killed the snake, Robin was exploring Steck Cave off Balcones Road with Herbert Adams, Kenneth Adams and Ronald Tobin.

“We knew the snake was there, and came prepared,” Robin said .

This story was originally published in The Shield on March 25, 1960.