2004 writers praise an Austin classic, 12 years closure


EZ’s prominent sign dominated the vision of many drivers on North Lamar Boulevard before the establishment closed in 2016 due to a fire breakout that destroyed the interior.

Pilar Hernandez and Kate Kramer

Visitors are welcomed by 80s music and neon lights. As they walk in, they are greeted by friendly waiters, some who attend McCallum. The smell of french fries and the sound of milkshakes being blended makes EZ’s more inviting.

We started with an espresso shake and finished our meal with a southwestern chicken sandwich and cheese fries. The shake was thick but creamy, the sandwich filled with beans, fritos, and salsa. And the fries crunchy yet chewy. Relatively inexpensive, the food was better than we anticipated. Not to mention we had the hard-to-find, irresistible Barq’s Red Cream Soda. Customers can refill their glasses at the conveniently placed soda fountains.

The service was friendly and courteous. The staff made us feel like we were at home, but with much better food. They cleared our table when we were through but they seemed fine letting us finish our conversation and second round of drinks.

EZ’s has been a frequent stop for a quick break. With so much appeal, it should continue to be one for the remaining years of high school.

This story was originally published in The Shield on April 8, 2004.