THROWBACK THURSDAY: Stretch your entertainment dollar further with these inexpensive local possibilities

In 1984, we asked the question: why pay $5 for movie tickets when you could buy them for less elsewhere or even better, forego films entirely in favor of Esther’s Follies


Esther’s Follies presents a Thanksgiving program as a part of their entertainment schedule. Even with the recent fire, the theatre has reopened and is in full swing again. Photo and caption published in ‘The Shield ‘ on Jan. 27, 1984.

Scott Burton and Jennifer Hill

Probably one of the most overused quotes today is, “Well…what do you want to do?” Actually there are a lot of things to do around Austin for entertainment. Austin has several places with nightly live entertainment and movies old and new. 

There are some alternatives to paying $4 or $5 for a movie. American Multi Cinemas (AMC) distributes student discount cards which enable the card holder to $1 off the regular admission price. AMC theatres include Northcross 6, Aquarius 4, and the Americana Theatre.

To add to the various discounts offered for the public’s convenience, KLBJ-FM radio now sponsors dollar day at Mann-Westgate and Fox Triplex. This offer is only available on features shown on Tuesday; these features are $1.

Another favorable option to the high expenses of going out would be stopping by the Texas Union Center. Besides the variety of movies shown at the Union, there is a recreation room situated in the lower part of the building. The recreation room has a bowling alley, pool tables and an arcade. The shows are $2.25 every day. Call them at 471-5651 for daily showings, or write to this address for a schedule:

Instead of getting bored and going to Taco Bell with some friends, or going to see The Big Chill for the sixth time, a refreshing change could be Esther’s Follies.

University of Texas

P.O. Box 7838

Austin, Texas 78712

In addition, many theaters have matinee showings of feature films priced from $2 to $2.50. Instead of getting bored and going to Taco Bell with some friends, or going to see The Big Chill for the sixth time, a refreshing change could be Esther’s Follies.

Esther’s Follies has moved to the Ritz. Since the company has relocated they have restored the building and installed new cushioned seats, as well as other improvements. Esther’s Follies has a wide variety of shows including the 1984 follies, which will have a comic thrust at MTV, Michael Jackson, the worst of ‘83 and more.

They are also starring a new movie series. This series features different types of films that should appeal to everyone. Midnight movies are now shown with some unpublicized flicks. Some of these movies include Get Crazy, Mad Max, and The Road Warrior. They are located at 320 E. Sixth Street in the Ritz Theater. For further information call 473-8274. Taking into consideration the alternatives mentioned, one can realize the multitude of entertainment opportunities the Austin community has to offer. If students look at all the options, it becomes evident that entertainment does not have to be a financial burden.

This story was originally published in The Shield on Jan. 27, 1984.