THROWBACK THURSDAY: Dr. Taborsky tells of “equal” Russians

Mac visited by Czech politician during the Cold War


Departure to Hanusovice from a wonderful old Austro-Hungarian station. Known during Austrian and Ostsudetenland times as Maehrisch Schoenberg. Apparently these class 831 railcars dating from the very late 1950s are still found on the same service 17 years later, albeit in a different livery. Credit to Sludge G on Flickr.

Shield staff reports

“All animals are equal, some are just more equal than others.” This quotation from George Orwell’s Animal Farm was used by Dr. Eduard Taborsky in the anti-communism assembly Thursday, September 17.

Formerly Dr. Taborsky was the secretary to the president of Czechoslovakia during World War II. Dr. Taborsky related one of his experiences with communistic equality. At one time he was to go to the USSR on diplomatic business.

Joseph Stalin sent a train to Czechoslovakia for the diplomatic group including Dr. Taborsky.

Dr. Taborsky related the story that one night on the train one of the Russian officials who accompanied the Czechoslovakian party needed something from the kitchen. He rang for the cooks to bring it. When the cooks did not come, the official went to the kitchen. Dr. Taborsky accompanied him. When he entered the kitchen, he saw – sprawled out on the hard floor – the cook and the cook’s assistant. This was their bed even though their comrades had more than ample quarters.

That, Dr. Taborsky explained, was Russia’s communistic equality.

This story was originally published in The Shield on Sept. 25, 1959.