Tous les Jours offers something for everyone

French-Asian bakery on North Lamar greets visitors with warm, inviting environment, diverse, delectable menu


Dave Winter

Tucked away in a non-descript shopping center on North Lamar just south of Justin Lane, Tous les Jours is a hidden gem, a bakery with a warm environment and menu items pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

Elyza Bradsby, Mac photojournalism

Since I am always a fan of trying new things, especially bakeries, I decided to try out Tous les Jours, a French-Asian bakery located at 6808 N Lamar Blvd B-115. The bakery’s atmosphere is lovely, a warm-toned room with baked goods located in the middle of the room and on some of the surrounding walls. There is a small section with tongs and trays so you can minimize your contact with the items in the shop. They have a wide selection of treats, ranging from different types of breads, macaroons, pastries and donuts, all packaged in small plastic bags. I tried four items there, the Strawberry Cream Soboro, the Honey Cheese Mochi Pancakes, the Melon Bread and the Taro Buttercream Bread, all of which cost about $17.

The Strawberry Cream Soboro had a lovely (and crunchy) design on top and a light dusting of powdered sugar as well. The strawberries were fresh and the cream was light, though the texture difference between the top of the Soboro and the rest of it was a bit unpleasant for me. It had a slight peanut butter taste, making it taste as though I were eating a strawberry shortcake with a spoonful of peanut butter alongside it. This was all in all, very nice to eat since it wasn’t too heavy and wasn’t too one note.

The Honey Cheese Mochi Pancakes were, unfortunately, my least favorite item of this review. I do take most of the blame for this, considering I am not the biggest fan of cheese to begin with, so deliberately choosing this item wasn’t the best idea. The pancakes were small disks, roughly the size of the bottom of a cup, beautifully brown on the outside with a glaze coating them. The pancakes were slightly chewy, though not in an unpleasant way. The middle is definitely a cheese filling, which the other members of my family did enjoy eating. I can only speak for myself, though, and I was not the biggest fan of it.

The Taro Buttercream Bread was a beautiful brown color on the outside and a stunning purple on the inside, with a cream that was also a light shade of purple.

The Melon Bread was a delightful experience to eat, being a beautiful shade of light green with a slightly fruity smell to it. There was an almost turtle-esque design on the top of it, which looked very crispy and delicious. Spoiler alert, it was. The texture of the topping was, once again, a different texture than the rest of the bread, but it wasn’t unpleasant, just surprising. The top had a scone like texture, while the rest of the item was assuredly bread like. It had a melon taste that wasn’t overpowering and was very light and easy to stomach. It tasted a bit like honeydew, which I wasn’t complaining about since I do love the fruit. It was refreshing and I would definitely get it again.

The final item I got from Tous les Jours was the Taro Buttercream Bread, which I would definitely rate the highest in this review. It was six of another item (the Taro Cream Bread) made into a loaf that was a beautiful brown color on the outside and a stunning purple on the inside, with a cream that was also a light shade of purple. The bread and the cream go very well together, being sweet and having a taro flavoring that isn’t overwhelming or overpowering. The cream did have a few chunks in it, and the individual servings were a bit hard to get out of the bag, but overall it was my favorite of the bunch, something I would recommend the most from this list.

Tous les Jours is definitely a place that I will be visiting again, perhaps trying more things or maybe sticking to what I know I like. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, since I am almost positive that they will have something for everyone to enjoy.