The restaurant is Tiny’s; the range of delicious options is HUGE!

Popular brunch spot offers diverse menu of delectable treats, drinks


Lydia Reedy

A chocolate chip cookie from Tiny’s Milk & Cookies on 1515 W 35th St.

My next Flavor Profiles mission was to test the popular Austin brunch spot Tiny Boxwoods’ new pastry stand: Tiny’s Milk and Cookies. Located on 1515 W 35th St., it is right next door to the restaurant, making it an easy pit stop on your way home from enjoying a delicious meal. The pastry stand offers an irresistible menu, ranging from croissants to chia seed pudding.

A cup of mint lemonade from Tiny’s Milk & Cookies pastry stand. (Lydia Reedy)

For my visit, I brought along my brother and mom. We each sampled very different menu items, giving us access to Tiny’s full range of taste. I ordered chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk in a homemade waffle cone. This item is one of two frozen, dairy-free delicacies on the menu; the other option is a raspberry and honey sorbet. Needless to say, it was hard to choose between the two.

The ice cream was delicious, the texture was perfectly silky, and the chocolate was prominent without being too intense. Although it had coconut milk, it didn’t taste too strongly of coconut. I have to say the waffle cone was one of the best I’d ever had. The flavor was reminiscent of cinnamon, and the texture remained crispy as I ate the ice cream.

My brother ordered a mint lemonade, which was light and tangy with a refreshing mint aftertaste. The lemonade is one of many drinks you can order. The drinks range from teas and coffees to Topo Chico.

The chocolate chips were perfectly melty, and the cookie had a smooth, gooey texture. My mom claimed it was one of the best chocolate chip cookies she’d ever had.

My mom ordered a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie came warm and in a to-go bag. The chocolate chips were perfectly melty, and the cookie had a smooth, gooey texture. She claimed it was one of the best chocolate chip cookies she’d ever had, and I’d have to back her up on that.

As for the prices, they do seem to fall in line with the prices at the restaurant. Brunch/lunch prices at Tiny Boxwoods range from $15 to $30, and the pastry shop’s prices range from $2.50 to $14. So, if you’re planning on having a meal to accompany your sweet treat, the tab might add up quickly.

The customer service, however, was perfect! We walked up to the ordering stations and received our desserts within seconds. And, although we took our treats to go, there appeared to be ample outdoor seating.

I would definitely recommend stopping by Tiny’s Milk and Cookies. Every aspect of my visit was more than enjoyable. They offer a diverse menu full of delicious options. And on top of this, they require masks, encourage social distancing and have outdoor seating, making it the perfect place to meet up with friends or family and grab a COVID-safe tasty treat.

From the customer service to the absolutely delicious food Tiny’s Milk and Cookies, without a doubt, gets the Flavor Profiles stamp of approval.