Flavor Profiles: Pork Gyoza and Negi rice bowl


Townes Hobratschk, food reviewer


At least that was my reaction when I ate the Pork Gyoza and Negi Rice Bowl at Ramen Tatsu-ya! I have to be honest, I have eaten it before, but I forgot to take a picture and review it that time. As I was eating the Pork Gyoza, one thing to note is that the outer dumpling was notably more tender than your usual grocery store variety. It barely holds itself outside of the mouth. Once it was delivered to my taste buds, the entire structure of the dumpling unfolded as if there was some urgency to feed me. As the dumpling opened it revealed the tasty piece of pork inside.

As I consumed the dumplings, I was delivered the Negi Rice Bowl by the waiter. The Negi Rice bowl consists of rendered pork mixed into a bowl of rice and topped with fried onions and scallions. The moment I saw the bowl I dug into the dish. As I did, I was treated to brilliant undertones of a hearty fish and pork flavor. In English, I enjoyed this. However, also due to the onions and scallions, it did make my breath the opposite of appealing. Overall, I would give the Pork Gyoza a ninety-one out of one-hundred, and for the Negi Rice, I award a eighty-four out of one-hundred. It was very tasty, although it did absolutely wreck my breath.