VSA honors Mac junior

Jackson Sutton captures Director’s Commendation in first-ever Texas Artist of the Year ceremony


As he received his award, Jackson Sutton gave a speech about how much the award meant to him. On receiving the award, Sutton said that this was “a great honor” for him. Photo by Anna McClellan.

Ellen Fox, staff reporter

Junior Jackson Sutton was awarded the Director’s Commendation at last Sunday’s inaugural Very Special Artists Texas Artist of the Year Awards ceremony at the Sterling Event Center.

The event featured food, live guitar and vocal performers. The guest of honor included Sutton and the other two honored artists, their families and friends, and supportive community stakeholders.

In addition to Sutton’s award, the VSA recognized Jordana Gerlach with the SPARK Award and Joan Fabian with the Haven Allen Artist of the Year Award.

Sutton has long been known for his artwork. His artwork was featured in a March 2017 cover story in the Shield.

Sutton said that in his art pieces, he likes to make the viewer feel a sense of nostalgia, and he combines other elements from older times and current times to convey this idea. Many of his works are also inspired by Jackson’s early fascination with other cultures and peoples, and he specifically draws a lot from Mayan and Latin American art.

In addition to being a visual artist he is also a poet, linguist, composer, writer and philosopher. You can check out his other works at https://jacksonseyetv.com/.

We are pleased to feature photos from Sunday’s event as this week’s #TuesdayTop10 photo essay. Photos by Ellen Fox, Edward Johnson and Anna McClellan.