Adame, string trio perform his farewell song to second-period AP Bio

Outgoing Teacher of the Year thanks his students for inspiring him to take a leap of faith and follow his dreams at the University of Texas next fall


Kate Boyle

Adame told his students the last time he played this song it was to help deal with his mother’s serious illness, but that he changed the lyrics to make it the perfect farewell song to his students at Mac.

Today during second-period finals, Gabriel Adame staged a musical surprise for his AP biology students with the help of juniors Georgia Halverson, Alex Moses and Devin Neal. 

“Adame was originally writing the song for himself to play as an end of the year to our class when he asked me and Georgia and Alex to join in,” Neal said. 

The group performed a cover of “I Want to Know Your Plans” by Say Anything, with lyrics modified by Adame. 

“It was more inspired by the class and parting ways,” Neal said. 

The impromptu quartet had little rehearsal time before gracing room 145 with their presence. 

“One [rehearsal was] for 30 minutes and the other for about 40, so it was pretty short,” Neal said. “We had to do a bit of improv.” 

If you’re in another one of Adame’s classes and wish you could’ve seen this once-in-a-lifetime performance, don’t worry. Adame will continue the lyrical farewells solo for the rest of finals week.