Making the (North)cutt

Strong second, Carrasco third in a faculty variety show where the big winner was the Mac film program

Molly Gardner


Elisha Scott

Northcutt raises her arms as she is introduced as a contestant after the opening dance number. She would strike a similar pose at the end of the pageant after being named the winner. Photo by Elisha Scott.

Elisha Scott, staff reporter

Full of musical numbers, sarcastic skits, odd outfits, and of course, talented teachers, McCallum’s fifth annual Teachers & Tiaras offered something for everyone.

I feel awesome, shameless, proud.

— 2019 Teachers and Tiaras winner Nikki Northcutt

On Friday evening, in the midst of 42nd Street opening night and a boys varsity basketball game with major playoff implications, the pageant was held in the Fine Arts Building Theatre and featured nine brave Maculty contestants, including Paul Pew, Daniel Vega, Mickey Folger, Oakley Barber, Steven Strong, Nikki Northcutt, Katie Carrasco, Richard Cowles and Lucy Griswold. The field also included a masked mystery teacher.

The evening was co-hosted by Diana Adamson and sophomore Jude Gravois. The nine contestants battled it out with the talent, evening wear and question portions of the night with the winner being determined by votes purchase by audience members. The event, which was not held last year, is a fundraiser for the film program.

In the end, Northcutt took home the first place prize, followed closely behind by Strong in second place and Carrasco in third.

“I’m glad they got a second tiara,” Northcutt joked after the last champion, 2017 winner Georgia Gonalez, was reluctant to part with the first one. “I feel awesome, shameless, proud.”

The show included everything from a horrifying skateboarding story (Folger), to an anti-bullying song number (Strong), to an onstage zumba class (Griswold) and more. It even featured the Unknown Teacher comic (we are almost positive it was Mr. Rogers), a MAC faculty member performing a comedy sketch with a paper bag over his head to conceal his identity. 

Teachers & Tiaras (Elisha Scott)