PALS pie the Maculty at Pink Week pep rally

McCallum celebrates record-setting fundraiser for Breast Cancer Resource Center with annual faculty firing line


Charlie Partheymuller

Anderson Zoll exacts his revenge on fellow PAL Josie Bradsby. Moments earlier Bradsby and math teacher Carly Kehn pulled a surprise on Zoll. When Bradsby was supposed to pie Kehn, Kehn ducked leaving a path for Zoll to receive Bradsby’s pie. When it comes to pep rally pies during Pink Week, generally what goes around, comes around.

Tristen Diaz, Lily Hobbs, Gergo Major, Charlie Partheymuller

Before we officially switch from PINK WEEK mode to HOMECOMING spirit mode, we wanted to honor a follower request to show some video footage of the PALS pelting the Maculty with pies. We may also have included some of our favorite stills from the same time frame. We think you will agree with that decision once you see the video.

I was excited to be able to help out with an effort that’s for a good cause.

— PAL Nathan Nagy

After five days of events and fundraisers for the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas, students gathered in the gym Friday to end Pink Week with a bang. Class battle cries, musical poms and watching Mac teachers and administrators get a pie to the face were all part of the fun.

According to junior PAL Nathan Nagy, the Pink Week pep rally is a highlight of the PALS experience thus far. “I was excited to be able to help out with an effort that’s for a good cause,” Nagy said.

Photos by Tristen Diaz, Gergo Major and Charlie Partheymuller. Video by Lily Hobbs. Music by Anno Domino Beats (accessed on the YouTube Audio Library, used with permission under a creative commons license.)