Mac families urged to be Secret Pals

As of Sunday evening, 40 staff members are unclaimed in the annual PTSA program to support the Maculty


Annabel Winter

Journalism teacher Dave Winter poses with a Secret Pals gift he received from the Scotts in October of 2020.

Shield staff

The parent volunteers organizing the Secret Pals program have asked us to encourage Mac families to sign up for the 40 faculty members who do not yet have a Secret Pal.  Secret Pals bring small gifts to teachers and staff through the school year to brighten their day. To sign up for a staff member who needs a pal, click this link.

After you sign up for a pal, you simply bring a gift once a month to the school office. At year’s end in May, you reveal your identity. If you have any questions, email Arin Fullerton at [email protected] or Charlotte Trafton at [email protected].