Students celebrate Myers with lunchtime benefit concert

Musical performances on outdoor stage honor influence of popular English teacher and lit mag adviser, raise hundreds for Refugee Services of Texas


Lucy Marco

On his final day working on the Mac campus, English teacher Daniel Myers spoke to the dozens of students who attended a lunchtime concert that honored his tenure at the school. He concluded his remarks by telling them, “I’ve never felt as proud of what I do as I have here. Y’all have made it really easy, and I love you guys.”

Dozens of students gathered around the outdoor stage during lunch the Thursday before Spring Break to hear live student band music, eat snacks, donate to Refugee Services of Texas and honor Mr. Myers during his last day on campus. The send-off concert, organized by juniors Alex Gold, Max Yehaskel and Arthur Zimmerman, included performances by The Red River Trucking Company, a Southern rock band, and Uncle Approved, a Modern Jazz band. To close the set of performances, violist Z Campbell played a solo that elicited an enthusiastic response from the large crowd.

Yehaskel said that the concert went smoother than he expected it to go.

“Everything moved along just as we had planned and the bands were fantastic,” he said.

He said that so far the event has raised $423 but that they were still hoping to make their fundraising goal for $750 through online donations. If you would like to contribute, you can find the link in the bio of Yehaskel’s Instagram account, @max.yehaskel.

In between sets, Mr. Myers gave a send-off speech about his gratitude for his students and some important advice. Myers spoke about how music was a way he could direct his inner “lightning and thunder” into as a high-schooler.

MYERS ON THE MIC: Between bands, Myers thanked students for supporting him and urged them to find creative outlets and ways to support each other. Still photo by Xel-Ha Montejano. Video by Dave Winter.

“It wasn’t until I was to find a place for [my difficult emotions] that I was able to start healing from my trauma. I really urge y’all to find somewhere to put those things that are inside of you,” said Myers to the crowd of students. “Find something to make with it, instead of letting it pick you apart.”

Myers felt like passing that lesson on was a large part of his role as a teacher.

“Now that I’m leaving…y’all need to create space for each other and y’all need to listen to each other.”

BLUEGRASS ON THE OUTDOOR STAGE: After playing a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Midnight Train to Memphis,” Red River Trucking Company members King Perez-Cude and Joaquín Frazier played a seldom-played original song entitled, “Ballad Of an Outlaw Fugitive.” Still photo by Xel-Ha Montejano. Video by Dave Winter.

He hopes that students respect themselves and each other, and direct their energy into something positive.

“Express who you are and let each other express who you are, because that’s really all I’ve been doing for y’all, it really isn’t much more complicated than that.”

Although he’s ending his time at McCallum, his pride and love for his students are endless.

“I’ve never felt as proud of what I do as I have here. Y’all have made it really easy, and I love you guys.”

INSTRUMENTS OF CHANGE: We are pleased to share the second of two modern jazz songs that Uncle Approved performed at the benefit concert to celebrate Mr. Myers on his last day on campus. Video by Dave Winter.

Best of Myers concert

Photos by Lucy Marco, Xel-Ha Montejano and Dave Winter.