Flavor Profiles: JewBoy Subshop

Burnet Road eatery, specializing in Jewish, “border” cuisine, provides great service, atmosphere but inconsistent food


Josie Bradsby

Jewboy Subshop’s The Southside Carne Asada sandwich with a side of house made potato chips.

Lydia Reedy and Josie Bradsby

Today, we ventured to Burnet Road to try JewBoy Subshop, a Jewish-owned sub shop that specializes in fusing Jewish and “border” culture and cuisine style. There was a nice open outside space. There was also free parking in the parking garage right next to the sub shop. 

We ordered a Chutzpah Chicken Schnitzel and a Southside Carne Asada, one with chips and one with fries. The sandwiches were $11 (chicken parm), and $13 (carne asada). The side of fries was $4 and the chips were $2. 

The Chutzpah Chicken Schnitzel Parm was lacking. The sub came with two “patties”, marinara sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese. The chicken, although thin, was not thin enough and was chewy, never a good sign when eating chicken. It was a large serving, too large for the ciabatta it came on. The fries were easily the best thing there. They were salty and seasoned very well. 

The Southside Carne Asada was reminiscent of a Philly cheesesteak. It came on an amoroso roll, adorned with onions and peppers, and loaded with carne asada. It was topped with a heavy dose of American cheese. It came with a choice of chips or fries; we ordered chips with this sandwich. They were home-made, crispy, and golden brown, but they didn’t seem to have any salt or seasoning. It was definitely a hearty serving, but we’re not sure it was worth the $15. The American cheese’s saltiness was really overpowering, if only some of it could’ve been transferred to the chips.

The service was really good. The food was ready within 10 minutes of ordering, and the people working were very nice. All of the employees were wearing masks, as were most of the patrons.

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