MacJ welcomes co-adviser Jena Weber

Veteran educator brings expertise, reputation for building rapport to Mac from Austin High, Small Middle School


courtesy of Jena Weber

In her introduction to the yearbook staff, Weber said that three of her favorite things are her pets, her close friends and road trips to the desert. She added that “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac and “Float On” by Modest Mouse were two of her favorite songs and that she was most looking forward to working with the staffs in the 2020-2021 school year.

Anna McClellan, staff reporter

During Monday’s first-period zoom call, members of the newspaper and yearbook staffs received news that next fall, MacJournalism will have not one adviser but two co-advisers. Veteran journalism teacher and publications adviser Jena Weber will join current adviser Dave Winter on the MacJournalism team starting this fall.

I’ve always done all of this on my own. I am excited for the things [Mr. Winter and I] can accomplish when we both bring our expertise to the table.

— MacJ co-adviser Jena Weber

“I am most looking forward to the collaboration aspect of working with Mr. Winter,” said Weber who advised the newspaper and yearbook at Austin High School for the past four years and the yearbook, newspaper and broadcast program at Small Middle School for the 13 years before that.

“I’ve always done all of this on my own,” Weber said. “I am excited for the things we can accomplish when we both bring our expertise to the table.”

Winter is excited, too, and not just because he needs the help.

“I have been very lucky at Mac and before then to work with people who are extremely committed to the publications and the important role they have on campus,” Winter said. “Ms. Weber is like that, too. She is a first-rate adviser, but she doesn’t just know her stuff. She is great at building rapport with her students and with enabling them to do great things with her as a guide.”

We at Mac Journalism are excited to work with Ms. Weber, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us. Photos courtesy of Ms. Weber.