Senior yearbook ads on sale now


Aranza Sanchez

Isabella Dietz, Knight seniors editor

Attention all seniors, senior parents and advisers of groups with seniors:

The deadline to buy senior yearbook ads at the early discount price is Friday, Nov. 6.

Senior ads are a great way to honor one senior, a group of senior friends or the seniors in any school group. We will be help you design an ad if you would like our help, or you can design it yourself.

Four-block individual ad

If you’d like to see sample ads to get ideas or to see examples of our prior work, please click this link.

Ad sizes range in size from one block (the smallest size) to nine blocks (a full page). For more information about ad sizes and prices, please see the 2021 senior ad sheet.

Six-block individual ad

You may pay for your ad and submit your photos electronically at the Balfour site:

If your order at school, you may submit photographs as email attachments to [email protected], or submit prints of your photos with your order form. If you choose to submit prints, please make copies and do not submit original photos.

Please contact a yearbook student or contact Mr. Winter by email at [email protected]
for more information.

Nine-block friends ad

Thank you for supporting the 2021 Knight.