Primary events, puzzle style.

Test your knowledge of key events from the first semester of the 2019-2020 MAC school year


Kennedy Weatherby

With arms in the air, members of the McCallum choir sing the last note of their Cabaret showcase. Photo by Kennedy Weatherby.

Editor’s note: This post offers a concise summary of the fall semester in the form of a crossword puzzle. To solve the puzzle at the bottom of the post, you type the answers to the clues below directly onto the crossword on your computer or smartphone. If you type the correct answer, the word will be shaded red. Click on the icons in the top left to make the puzzle bigger (or smaller), to make the puzzle go full screen or to see the answers to the entire puzzle. Puzzle created using web app,

Aug. 20: 9 a.m. The school bell rings overhead, the familiar hallways empty of students. Schedules are handed out in advisory classes, students analyzing which classes they share, which they look forward to, and which will bring new beginnings. The bell rings again, and the school year begins. …


Dave Winter
Sophomore Samantha Powers performs in McCallum’s first dance showcase of the year. Photo by Dave Winter.

4. New principal Brandi _________ stands in the hallways and greets her new students at the start of this momentous day.

5. Nov. 15. Whether you identify more with Cinderella or with her evil stepmother, the choir’s Cabaret showcase, “Heroes and ________,” was sure to entertain on this night in the MAC.

8. Oct. 19. The MAC dance program kicks off the year with its first showcase entitled “__________”.

JK Smith
Senior Dexter Murphy performs in the production of McCallum’s first straight play of the year. Photo by JK Smith.

10. Nov. 14. It’s time to light the spotlights and don the costumes because it’s opening night of the theatre program’s first 2019-20 straight play, “_________ on the Orient Express.”

11. Nov. 15. The bowling teams took center lane at Spare Time in Pflugerville for an opening night of their own, as the girls won and the boys lost a non-district match against ____________ High School.

14. Nov. 7. The varsity football team claims a 42-0 victory over Travis in the rivalry game known as the “Battle of the _______.”

Caleb Melville
Blue Brigade members Harper Cummings and Lily Brown perform at the football game against Travis at House Park. Photo by Caleb Melville.

1. Nov. 16. MAC students dominate at the Texas _______ Conference on this Saturday afternoon with a quartet and two solos coming out with top rankings.

2. Nov. 4. At the climax of its season, the MAC band marches all the way to the 5A _______ Championships in San Antonio, placing 14th out of the 253 5A high school bands in Texas.

3. Aug. 29. Under the Thursday night lights at House Park, the 2019 football season kicks off at the Taco Shack_______ against Anderson High School, McCallum’s annual tradition.

Anna McClellan
Senior Joe Roddy performs his trumpet solo at the band’s last halftime performance. Photo by Anna McClellan.

6. Dec. 20. The final bell of the year rings — the first _________ of the 2019-20 McCallum school year is complete!

7. Although their season has come to a close, the band’s 2019 show, “Forever in ______,” will remain forever etched in our memories.

9. In anticipation of winter ________, students study for their finals exams (or they don’t) and begin to count down the last school days of the decade.

12. Oct. 4. The student body buzzes with excitement at the start of the yearly Austin musical festival attended by many students, ACL, with 2019 headliners including Lizzo and ________ Gambino.

13. Nov. 12: Classes are delayed by two hours — it is the first “_____” day of the year (although that name may be slightly misleading).

Olive Embry
Junior Sophia Henderson goes in for a bump at the varsity volleyball team’s road victory over LBJ. Photo by Olive Embry.


Gabby Sherwood
Seniors Riley Edwards and Bryn Lewis show their 2020 spirit after the senior class won the spirit stick at pep rally commemorating a rivalry game named after … a certain chain restaurant in town. Photo by Gabby Sherwood.