Love #TacoShack, baby!

There’s no pep rally this week, so you’ll have to revisit last week’s pep rally to get fired up for tonight’s game


Gabby Sherwood

The Blue Brigade performs during the Taco Shack pep rally on Aug. 30 in the large gym. Photo by Gabby Sherwood.

Seniors win the Spirit Stick. Video by Ellen Fox.

Ellen Fox, staff reporter

As students march into the gym for the Taco Shack pep rally, the band blares the school song, the cheer and dance teams perform, and the crowd goes wild. New teams are announced, and the classes compete in the spirit contest. It is Thursday, Aug. 30, the afternoon before the Taco Shack Bowl football game at House Park.

Student sing the school song at the Taco Shack pep rally on Aug. 30 in the large gym. Video by Ellen Fox.

The pep rally started out with McCallum cheers and the introduction of the varsity volleyball team. After, the cheer team performed its dance routine to a Rihanna and Drake mash-up, the Blue Brigade performed its dance to “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga.

Then came time for the hula hooping contest. The four contestants, one of each grade, were freshman Alba Perez, sophomore Blake Houston, junior Ruby Del Valle, and senior Ethan Blanton. With some great hula skills, Houston won the contest for the sophomores.

The Blue Brigade performs to Lady Gaga at the Taco Shack pep rally on Aug. 30 in the large gym. Video by Ellen Fox.

Then, the spirit stick contest started. Each grade yelled their victory battle cry, but in the end, it went to the class ‘19. Confetti poppers went off, and seniors received their spirit stick with pride.

For seniors, it was the ultimate Taco Shack experience, Mac won the decorating contest in the morning and the game in the evening with a thrilling 21-20 comeback victory.

We are pleased to share our exclusive gallery of still photos and videos from the Taco Shack pep rally.

For more videos, check out the MacJournalism YouTube channel.

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Still photos by Ian Clennan, Ellen Fox, Gregory James, Sarah Mbaya, Stella Shenkman, Gabby Sherwood, Kristen Tibbetts and Dave Winter.

Video by Ellen Fox.