Not merely freshmen

#TuesdayTop10 takes you to last week’s cardiac Mac comeback. No, not the #TacoShackBowl, the freshman game before it.


Jake Hissey congratulates Peyton Bergeron after Bergeron’s key third-quarter interception kept the Knights within a touchdown of the lead. Photo by Madelynn Nile.

Macjournalism Sports Team

It is true that the varsity’s 21-20 comeback victory over Anderson on Thursday was Coach G’s first varsity win as head coach, but the freshmen beat the varsity to the punch by providing their coach with his first ever victory as head coach and athletic director when they pulled off their own comeback victory over Anderson the day before at House Park.

Trailing 6-0, the team rallied to win 8-6. And just like the varsity, it was a defensive play that kept the Knights within striking distance so the offense could rally and take the lead for good. Anderson was driving in the third quarter and threatened to go up two touchdowns when they ran a pass play into the south end zone at House Park. Peyton Bergeron cut in front of the intended Anderson receiver and turned a possible touchdown into a pivotal turnover that kept the score, Anderson 6, Mac 0.

The offense took it from there, turning the opportunity into a lead change. Running back Breyonn Wooley ran the ball in for the Knights touchdown and quarterback Jaxon Rosales followed that with a 2-point conversion to capture a lead that became the final margin of victory, 8-6.

We are pleased to share our exclusive pictures from last Wednesday’s game in this week’s #TuesdayTop10. With the exception of Rosales’s game-winning plunge for the two-point conversion, these are new images that we did not post to our Instagram account the day after the game. We hope you enjoy them.


Photos by Marley Angle, Risa Darlington-Horta, Madelynn Nile and Janssen Transier.