Hernandez portfolio wins ATPI fall contest


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Max Rhodes

Isabella Hernandez’s portfolio, “Women of My World,” contains these five images.

Isabella Hernandez captured first place in the 2017 ATPI Fall Photo Contest in the Advanced Portfolio category for her collection entititled, “Woman of My World.”

She added that the portfolio, which beat out 62 other submissions in the advanced portfolio category, was a reflection of herself.

“There are images that reflect the mundane struggles of being Latina and the stereotypes that are put on specifically in Hispanic culture,” she said.

She added that the goal of her project was to point out how Latinas are put into a racial box or stereotype and to show what they are really like.

She said her project may have stood out to the judges because of her use of graphic and cultural elements.

She was very surprised to learn that she has won the contest.  

“I’ve entered in ATPI for the last three years and never got any awards for it, so I didn’t really expect any of this.”

The major difference between those entries and this one, she said, was that she felt more prepared.

“Since I’m in my AP photography class this year, my style of photography, and my skill has increased,” she said.

But despite her improvement, she still was surprised at the good news.

Of the 6,863 entries to the contest from 87 schools, there were 507 winners.

Here is a gallery of all of McCallum’s 2017 ATPI fall contest winners:

with reporting by Kesley Tasch