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Dave Winter

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To stay connected to the Mac community, you can purchase a 2022-20223 Shield subscription using the School Cash Online system. If you want to see exactly what you will get for your paid subscription, click the link below where you will find a digital edition of our April 29, 2022, issue of The Shield!

Our reporters, photographers, designers and editors are currently very busy editing issue one stories and designing issue one pages, so you still have time to make sure that those stories and all of our first-issue content arrives in your mailbox when the issue is printed in mid-October.

Through the end of SEPTEMBER, you can buy a print subscription for yourself or make sure that a relative, friend or alum can stay informed about all things McCallum. If you have already been receiving issues of the Shield in the past, you can still support MacJournalism by treating your subscription purchase as a donation in support of the program.

Subscriptions are only $25 and will ensure that you receive every 2022-2023 issue of The Shield and that we have funds to pay for technology upgrades, camera upkeep, contest fees and conference registrations.

To make your purchase:
(1) create a School Cash Online account (or access your existing account) at
(2) click on the option, “McCallum 2022-2023 Shield newspaper subscription” and make your purchase.
(3) email us your mailing address at [email protected].

We will make sure you get that first issue and everyone that comes after it this school year.