McCallum Against Sexual Assault holds first meeting


Dave Winter

Juniors Sofia Dorsett and Clarissa Castro, who helped organize the student walkout on Monday, Nov. 14, address the large crowd of students who filled the library for the first meeting of McCallum Against Sexual Assault on Nov. 15.

Julia Husted and Samantha Powers

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the day after the student-led walkout against sexual violence, the brand new McCallum Against Sexual Assault organization, or MASA, met during FIT. The first meeting of the new organization was led by teacher Kelly Wroblewski, principal Nicole Griffith and juniors Sofia Dorsett and Clarissa Castro, who helped organize the student walkout on Monday, Nov. 14 as well. The overall goal of MASA is to create impactful change at McCallum, and form a safe and supportive space for student survivors of sexual assault and their allies. 

“We were looking for a way to maintain the momentum from the walkout and maintain a pattern of action,” Castro said.

Another attendee, junior Helena Finos, said that Wroblewski stressed at the meeting that this issue cannot be fixed in a day, but that sustained action over time is how you make change happen. Finos said she was moved by the walkout and thought the organization was an important way to continue the fight.

“There is something about seeing everyone in that room that gave me a sense of hope,” Finos said.

MASA will have its next meeting Tuesday Dec. 7 during FIT.

Attendants were asked to write in sticky notes why they attended the meeting and what they would like to see in this organization. “There is a few of those that are to spread awareness and to gain more knowledge since I think the biggest problem at McCallum when it comes to sexual assault and sexual abuse is that its not talked about” said Lisa Castro, who facilitated the meeting and also originated the walkout that led to the formation of the club. Photo by Gaby Esquivel.