Senior panoramic picture to be taken on Thursday

Goldbeck company offers seniors a $15 discount if they bring payment for a three-photo package on Thursday


2020 Knight yearbook staff

The senior panoramic photo is coming up on Thursday morning of next week (Oct. 10).

The photographer is offering a $15 discount if you bring payment on Thursday (the day of the photo).

You can buy a $45 package and get a large and medium panoramic plus a medium ’20 formation for $30 instead of the usual $45.

The photographer will return to campus on Tuesday, Oct. 15 to deliver purchased packages and to sell packages. That’s the next school day for students as Friday and Monday are student holidays.

The photographer will be in the main hallway during FIT on Tuesday and during lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday.

For more information, see the Goldbeck Co. flyer below.