Mac gets back on track with Week 2 win over Lehman

Our #TuesdayTop10 photo essay takes a closer look at a turnaround triumph on the road last Friday in Buda

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Grace Nugent
ACTION JAXON: Sophomore quarterback Jaxon Rosales breaks a tackle against Lehman on Friday, Sept. 6. The Knights beat the Lobos 17-0 for their first win of the season, and Rosales connected with senior Takai Satberry for two first-half touchdowns. “I think in the first half we played really well cause I don’t think that they expected us to do that well,” Rosales said. “Lehman said they were gonna beat us so I was glad that we came out and scored two touchdowns in the first half and then second half I think we finished the game well.” Caption by Lindsey Plotkin. Photo by Grace Nugent.


Grace Nugent
TAKAI TAKES TWO. Senior wide receiver Takai Satberry extends the ball in the air to show the ref that he maintained possession of Jaxon Rosales’ nine-yard touchdown strike after hitting the turf. The early second-quarter score, the second Rosales-to-Satberry TD pass of the game, brought the Knights to a two-score lead at 14-0. The Mac season started off with a rough Taco Shack Bowl, in which the Knights lost their starting quarterback Cole Davis for the season and only mustered seven points (also on a Rosales-to-Satberry TD). Against Lehman, Rosales steadied under center, accounting for more than 200 yards of total offense. “Jaxon is doing better with the receivers,” junior defensive lineman Connor Boggs said. “The D just has to show up again because we expect to do well next week against Glenn.” Photo and caption by Grace Nugent.


Caleb Melville
BROTHERS IN ARMS: Injured senior quarterback Cole Davis hugs senior Takai Satberry after the wide receiver caught the second of his two touchdowns last Friday in the first half against Leaman. “Takai, he’s like my best friend,” Davis said, “and he showed out at the game, so I had to give him a hug.” Davis was the starting quarterback week one against Anderson and all of the 2018 season, but he tore his ACL early in the first quarter of the Anderson game, which will prevent him from playing again this season. “I had to get past the mental barrier of knowing that I would never play again in this season,” Davis said, “but once I did [get past it], I had to help my team out in any way [I could].” Caption by Lily Prather. Photo by Caleb Melville.

Grace Nugent
STAR POWER: Sophomore Caroline Allen performs with the Blue Brigade during halftime of McCallum’s 17-0 victory over Lehman at Shelton Stadium on Friday night. “I love performing at football games, being on the field, and having everyone watch the team do a dance routine we’ve practiced for a long time is so exciting,” Allen said, “I knew I wanted to be on Blue Brigade ever since eighth grade, when I saw the team performing during a game. Everyone looked like they were having such a good time; I knew I wanted to be a part of it.” Caption by Lily Wilson. Photo by Grace Nugent.


Caleb Melville
EZ-STEND. During the Friday takedown of the Lehman Lobos at Shelton Stadium, the McCallum defense stifled the Lobo O in serving Lehman a shutout. The Lobos may have escaped containment on this second-half play, but the all-out effort shown by sophomore Ez Gunther ultimately won the day for the visiting Knights. The Knight defense held the Lobos to only seven first downs and 16 minutes of possession compared to the Knight offense’s with 12 first downs and 31 minutes of possession. Caption by Grace Nugent. Photo by Caleb Melville.


Anna McClellanLOBO SANDWICH: Senior linebacker August McCollum and junior D-lineman Caleb Green put an end to Lobo quarterback Logan Travis’ escape plans. The quarterback sack helped the Knights hold the Lobos to a mere 135 yards of total offense, 54 on the ground and 81 through the air. The Knights didn’t create any turnovers on interceptions or fumble recoveries, but they did create three turnovers on downs with fourth-down stops in the third quarter. Photo by Anna McClellan.


Serenity Kirby
Senior Grace Bicknell, junior Kyle Davis and junior Fiona Wyrtzen enjoy the Friday Night Lights during the McCallum’s road victory over Lehman High School at Shelton Stadium in Buda. All three agreed that the best part of the game was cheering everyone on and playing with the great Mac band. “The best part of the football game is playing,” Davis said. “Everyone at the game is just in a great mood, then marching really gives you the spotlight.” Photo and caption by Serenity Kirby.


Caleb Melville
A MAJOR BLOCK . In addition to missing senior quarterback Cole Davis, the Knights were also without another of their key senior leaders during the first half of the varsity football showdown against Lehman Friday night at Shelton Stadium. After being ejected from Taco Shack following two personal foul calls, senior offensive and defensive lineman Alvino Carbajal had to sit out the first half of the next game, which in this case was the game against the Lehman Lobos. Carbajal’s return to the field was widely celebrated by the rest of the team especially sophomore receiver Major Faught. Carbajal not only searches for the sack on defense but is also a key player in the offensive line making hole-opening blocks to provide running backs and receivers the space they need to gain the yards that sustain drives. Caption by Grace Nugent. Photo by Caleb Melville.


Grace Nugent
MOORE TO CELEBRATE: With the band providing a victory soundtrack, senior Mandy Moore and her Mac Cheer teammates celebrate the Knights’ 17-0 victory over Lehman at Shelton Stadium on Friday night. Photo by Grace Nugent.


Anna McClellan
SAFETIES IN NUMBERS. Senior Safety Zach Napier hoists sophomore safety Jake Hissey on his shoulders right before singing the McCallum fight song after the varsity Knights’ 17-0 win against Lehman at Shelton Stadium on Friday night. The celebration came after the secondary enjoyed a redemptive performance in shutting out the host Lobos. Hissey explained the keys to his successful game. “You really have to read the eyes of the quarterback to see the routes develop when you’re in the secondary, be in the moment and focused.” Hissey said.

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