For Mac’s new principal, campus leadership starts and ends with building relationships

This may be the S word (as in spoken), but it’s the R word (as in relationships) that emerges as the dominant theme of our conversation with interim principal Brandi Hosack


Tomas Marrero

Interim principal Brandi Hosack shared with seniors Stella Shenkman and JK Smith that relationship-building is the key to making a campus work and also the prime reason behind the new cell phone policy and the flexible instruction time initiative.

Stella Shenkman and Julia Kay Smith

Producer Stella Shenkman and co-host JK Smith sit down with interim principal Brandi Hosack and discuss the challenges and changes that she and the campus face as Mac starts the 2019-2020 school year. Hosack talks about the daunting task of filling Mike Garrison’s shoes as principal and distinguishes between her policy initiatives and those mandated by the district as well as those requested by the faculty upon her arrival. Hosack says that keeping students safe is her No. 1 job, and that building relationships is the most important thing she can do to build a healthy campus climate. The focus on interaction, she said, is the real reason behind a new cell phone policy that encourages students not to let their electronic devices become a barrier to meaningful conversation and collaboration in the classroom. Relationship-building, Hosack said, is also the prime reason she wants flexible instruction time to work.