A Taco Shack Tuesday Top 10

For our first weekly photo essay of the school year, we compiled a baker’s dozen of our favorite photographs from last week’s Taco Shack Thursday

Gabby Sherwood
FLYING COLORS: Freshman cheerleader Kate Bachman shows her McCallum spirit by being a flyer in a cheer routine. In the picture, she is doing a brace extension liberty. “It was my first year flying, and it was such an energy rush,” Bachman said. “We may not have won the game, but we won the [award for having the] most spirit!” Caption by Nora Kadas.
Dave Winter
HEY, BABY: At the first football game of the season, the Taco Shack Bowl, the Blue Brigade performs its opening number. Although McCallum lost the game to Anderson, 29-7, the girls were pleased with their performance. It was freshman Olivia Falcon’s (front far right) first high school football performance. “I was very excited because it was my first game, but I was also really nervous as we were performing towards the Anderson crowd.” Freshman Parker Mitchell (front row third from the left) had a similar first football game experience. “I was nervous for my first game and scared I would mess up but I had a lot of fun and am excited for the next game!” Overall, Falcon feels that Blue Brigade has been a great experience.“I’ve made a lot of close friends already,” she said.“Being on this team has made the transition into high school a lot easier.” Caption by Lydia Reedy, Noah Lawrence and Josie Bradsby.


Risa Darlington-Horta
Junior John Hughes (center right, Taco Shack shirt) awaits the opening kickoff of the Taco Shack Bowl last Thursday night at House Park. Although the Knights fought hard, the Trojans beat them, 29-7. However, John’s optimistic attitude would not be deterred. “The best part of the game was when we scored the touchdown,” Hughes said. “That made me want to support my team at the next game.” Caption by Anna Nagle.


Savannah Davis
ALOHA KNIGHTS! Desi Nichols and Keegan Langley pose for a Spirit Day photo hours before the Taco Shack Bowl. Nichols said her favorite part of the game was “hyping up the McCallum football team when they first came out.” At the moment this photo was taken, Nicols said that “she was just soaking in the school spirit. … Even though we lost, we still came together as a team.” Caption by Savannah Davis.


Grace Nugent
HELL OF A HALF: After a disappointing first half at the Taco Shack Bowl last Thursday, sophomore Bobby Curry expressed his frustration about the halftime score by crouching down on the House Park fence. The score was 29-0 at the time and Curry, after spotting photographer Grace Nugent, wanted to forget about his disappointment and have fun. “I was just like raawww,” Curry said. “It was kind of every emotion of that night.” Caption by Angus Sewell McCann.


Grace Nugent
Coach G addresses the students at the Taco Shack pep rally during fourth period. “They have a bunch more guys than we do,” Coach G said before the student body, “but I told these guys I’ll take 30 tough guys over 50 guys from Anderson any time.” Caption by Dave Winter.


Risa Darlington-Horta
KEEP WERKETHIN! Sophomore Grace Werkethin said she was excited for the pep rally in part because she got to throw blue volleyballs into the crowd to represent McCallum varsity volleyball. Werkenthin is the only sophomore on varsity and had a big smile on her face walking across the gym floor. When MAC volleyball was announced, she knew it was her time to take center stage. She said that the loss to Anderson was painful but might pay dividends over the long season. “Knowing that MAC football lost our winning streak was disappointing, but it’s OK because I know we will be hungry for more.” Caption by Jayden Mason.


Grace Nugent
An Anderson defender looks in vain at the end zone referee as the ref signals that senior Takai Satberry had outdueled the Trojan for end-zone possession of Jaxon Rosales’s fourth-quarter pass for the Knights’ first score of the season and Rosales’s first career varsity touchdown pass.


Bella Russo
SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT: The cheer squad reacts to Takai Satberry’s fourth-quarter touchdown reception by conducting a cheer for the Mac student section on the visiting side of House Park. Olivia Navarro, a junior cheerleader at McCallum, said that that she “loved watching the seniors flip out because of our touchdown. Even though we were losing, they acted as if we had just scored 50 points.” Caption by Zada Cook.


Ian Clennan
The McCallum Marching Band is silhouetted against the twilight Austin sky above House Park just moments before the opening kickoff of the 2019 Taco Shack Bowl last Thursday.


Risa Darlington-Horta
Kids run the length of the field near the end of halftime ceremonies at the 2019 Taco Shack Bowl at House Park last Thursday.


Caleb Melville
The Blue Brigade performs at halftime of the 2019 Taco Shack Bowl at House Park on Thursday.


Stella Shenkman
The seniors raise the battle cry that would win them the Taco Shack spirit stick at Thursday’s pep rally.