Flavor Profiles: Yard Bird at Yard Bar


Kristen Tibbetts

The Yard Bird sandwich with a side of beer-battered french fries.

Kristen Tibbetts, co-editor in chief

Anyone who knows me well wouldn’t be surprised that my first restaurant review is from a place that doubles as a dog park. In fact, those who know me extremely well would bet on me skipping lunch to play with the puppies instead. Luckily for me, I didn’t forget why I was there and eventually made my way to the front counter to order.

Located just off of Burnet, only a 5-minute drive from McCallum, the restaurant portion of Yard Bar is almost hidden behind the dog park/bar. The outdoor seating located around the back of the building has plenty of shade, dog bowls, and beds. For human customers, there are several picnic tables and mister fans that made the Texas afternoon heat somewhat bearable. 

From the somewhat pricey list of salads and sandwiches, I ordered the classic Yard Bird: a fried chicken sandwich topped with coleslaw, pickles, and spicy mayonnaise. The food took longer to cook than expected, but the wait was definitely worth it. The big-as-your-face sandwich was hands down the best I’ve ever had, and just spicy enough to be flavorful without being sweat-inducing in the already grueling heat. The chicken was well seasoned, crispy but not burnt, but the bun was most memorable. Its sweetness resembled that of Hawaiian bread, but it was crispy and smoky enough to pair nicely with the chicken. The side serving of fries was crunchy and savory, but a very small portion size compared to the massive sandwich. 

I rate the Yard Bird sandwich 9/10, but the location and atmosphere deserve a 10/10. There’s nothing better than watching cute puppies play while you eat lunch. I highly recommend bringing a dog along with you, especially since there is a section of the menu dedicated to special treats for your pet. I know I’ll be back for my dog’s birthday in January, and I’ll hopefully be able to enjoy some nicer weather then too!