Reports of armed man prompts school to lock down

Police investigate, release person under scrutiny


AISD police and school administrators converge on the senior parking lot where the detained main was questioned and later released. He possessed a concealed weapons permit and, according to police, had committed no crime.

Sophie Ryland

A brief lock down of the campus during eighth period ended before 4:30 p.m., and students were released at the normal dismissal time. AISD police officers and Mac administrators were investigating a person in the senior parking lot.

A Mac senior told the Shield that the person is a tutor who has picked the senior up from school on numerous occasions before today.

Principal Mike Garrison sent an email to parents and faculty stating that authorities were alerted that students had seen the person walking on the sidewalk with a holster visible. The SRO’s and administrators immediately began to search the campus while classrooms were put on “lockout,” a security process in which people are free to move about inside the building but cannot enter or leave.

The person under scrutiny was not arrested as he had a concealed weapon permit and was on the sidewalk by the street, which is considered public property. That concern led to the lockdown. After police investigated, the man was released, as no criminal offense had occurred.