Mac track does the Texas Relays

Gage runs 100 meters on Friday, then joins Faught, Griffin and Porter in 4×100 relay on Saturday at elite event

Senior Deron Gage strides out the last stretch of the 100 meter dash, just milliseconds behind his opponents on the track. The qualifications for the Texas Relays are far more competitive, making it a big deal to get to compete at such an event, “the difference from running here than back at Burger Stadium was the speed” Gage said, “the competition level is a lot higher, but that made it more fun for me”.

Risa Darlington-Horta, Grace Nugent and Gabby Sherwood, MacJournalism sports team

Deron Gage, Major Faught, Jonathan Porter and Elijah Griffin represented McCallum track at the 92nd Annual Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays at Mike A. Myers Stadium on the UT campus.

“This is a prestigious honor for any track athlete,” Coach Joshua Amy told MacJournalism. “They competed against the fastest kids in the state.” Deron Gage ran in the 100-meter dash on Friday afternoon, and he competed along with Faught, Griffin and Porter in the 4×100 relay on Saturday morning. “Due to the strenuous qualifications, some schools only get one or two athletes that make it. It is an incredible achievement that these guys also made a relay event.”

We are proud to devote our this week’s #TuesdayTop10 to Mac’s appearance at the Texas Relays.