A completely different realm

Fredericksburg is a special Texas place that offers great food, rich heritage, gorgeous scenery and more

Bella Kisler, guest photographer

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In this week’s #TuesdayTop10, guest photographer Bella Kisler takes you to Fredericksburg, a unique Texas town less than an hour away from Austin.

Located in Central Texas about two hours away from Austin, Fredericksburg is known for it wineries, its natural scenery, its German heritage, its great food and much more. In this photo you can see a sign the welcomes visitors as they first cross into the town. The sign says welcome in German, which is established upon entry the German heritage and culture of the town. “From the time you enter Fredricksburg you just feel like you are in a completely different realm, not in Texas at all” said Joe Brickson, a frequent visitor to Fredericksburg.

Trail Closed! At Fredericksburg’s Hill Country State Natural Park, there are countless views that are stunning. At the time that I was there, many trails were closed due to routine maintenance. “The views are out of this world,” Janet Kisler said. “It’s scenery you would never expect from a random town in central Texas.”

On the road again: Fredericksburg is also known for the great views while driving along the countryside. In the photo, you see an old rusty tractor in the middle of nowhere with rusty broken down fence in the foreground. Along with the commonly known town of Fredericksburg, there is also a lot of country roads throughout Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas.

Christmas Time! As for the city life in Fredericksburg, it is always very lively, the streets filled with people, musicians playing on the streets, and much more. If you go in the afternoon, there are many unique shops selling very interesting things. This photo shows the central park of Fredericksburg around Christmas time, when they put up decorations on all of the trees and erect a giant Christmas tree up in the center of the park, along with a temporary ice skating rink.

On the Road Again: Right off many of the Fredericksburg highways in the fall, you can see many leaves on the trees that leads to a beautiful sight while driving down the interstates. The scenery is unbelievable; you can’t even begin to imagine it, miles on miles of orange, red, and yellow trees, that seemingly go on forever.

German Heritage! A restaurant in downtown Fredericksburg called Auslander Biergarten serves authentic German food and offers a very unique environment inside. There are many other German restaurants around the area in addition to this one, that are equally as good. It really shows off the German heritage of the town with all the German shops and restaurants around the area.

Structures of Fredericksburg! There are many beautiful buildings and churches scattered throughout town. This is a photo of one of the churches, located in the middle of downtown. This picture is a very interesting angle on the temple of the church, which leads to making the church look very large and powerful.

The Wall of Pins! There are many unique shops spread throughout Fredericksburg. And this shop in particular decorates their shop in a very unique way. The shop itself is a shop that sells all types of spices, jarred goods and much more. The store is an outdoor store. It is not inside walls and glass; instead, anyone walking by can just casually stop by.

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ in the river! This photo from Pedernales State Park is of the river leading up to the official Pedernales Falls. It is a beautiful sight, even on a slightly overcast day. On a warm day, it would also offer a great swim.

The MarketPlace! Located down in Fredericksburg, it is the center park of the town. Here is a sign, that again, shows the German heritage of the town. It says marketplace in German, on more example of the German heritage that is woven throughout the town.

Photos and captions by Bella Kisler.

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