Flavor Profiles: Black Star Co-op Bread Pudding


Townes Hobratschk, Food Reviewer

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I made a new year’s resolution! You know what it is?

To make more food reviews, so without further ado, let’s dive on in!

This time, I asked myself, “How do I make bread pudding?” After a few minutes of thinking about that, I figured out I don’t want to make bread pudding, I am a bit to lazy for that, so I decided to get some from Black Star Co-op.

I am certainly glad I did, as I was treated to a delicious bread pudding, without the effort. Even though I had fish and chips just before eating this, it didn’t make the rich flavor of the dessert stand out any less, but this isn’t a fish and chips review, maybe next time.

I liked the consistency of the dessert, it wasn’t to crunchy, nor was it too mushy. The closest comparable thing would be eating French Toast, except it’s better and there is a lot more. There was a moderate drizzle on top that added a nice contrasting tang to the bread pudding. I can’t quite put my finger on it, (that would be quite messy), but if I had to guess I would say that a yogurt base was used for the sauce.

The only criticism I had with this plate isn’t really even a criticism; it’s really just to note that the portion size is huge. I wouldn’t recommend this for one just person because bread pudding is a dense dessert.

Overall, I would rate this one 9.5/10 stars. Like I said the only criticism I have was just that it was a little too much food.