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It was a week before Christmas, but the AVID final exam felt more like a family gathering

Four close friends in AVID smile at the camera. All of them are relaxed and happy that their final is to eat and watch a movie. ”I have such a strong bond with these girls I consider them like a second family to me,” Savannah said.

Selena De Jesus, Mac photojournalism

For their final exam to end the fall semester, photojournalism students were tasked with creating a 10-image photo essay that tells a story, documents a topic or makes an argument. We will be sharing these photo essays periodically as our weekly #TuesdayTop10 photo gallery, starting today. Fifth-period photoj student Selena De Jesus chose to document the year-end holiday party that took place in one of the AVID classes on the Tuesday of final exams. We think that her collection of images provides a glimpse into one of McCallum’s most valuable organizations and an understanding of what students get out of being in AVID.

The essay also gives us a chance to wish everyone in the McCallum community a joyous holiday season and the most prosperous of new years.