Starmites: A Behind the Scenes Look

You’ve seen the intergalactic set, the cosmic costumes and the stellar performances. Now we take you to the other side of the celestial curtain.


Bela Tapperson

BEHIND THE SCENES: While the actors rehearse their dances for the fall musical, Starmites, lighting head Zoe Griffith and stage manager Catie Mendivil make sure everything is running smoothly before they start running the show. This rehearsal was a four-hour brush up rehearsal, to let actors and technicians get back into the swing of things before their performance the next day. Griffith says that the process has been a lot of hard work, but “although rehearsals were long and we’re all tired, we all feel pride in how our show turned out.” Starmites runs for one more weekend: Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m., and Sunday at 3 p.m. Photo by Bela Tapperson.

Evelyn Griffin and Isabela Tapperson, Mac photojournalism

In covering the first six performances plus the final dress rehearsal of Starmites: The Musical, we feel we have documented the intergalactic set, the cosmic costumes and the stellar performances of the cast fairly well. But what about the backstage life of our out-of-this-world cast? Thanks to photojournalism students Evelyn Griffin and Bela Tapperson, we are proud to bring you this exclusive backstage pass to Starmites: The Musical. If you haven’t seen it, you still have two opportunities, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.